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LAW Firing In The Wild

SHAH ALAM: LAW Firing in the wild. A training exercise by the Recon and Sniper (Pandura) Company of the 10th Para Brigade has afforded the first glimpse of the use of the Light Anti Weapon (LAW) in action albeit in an exercise. It is likely the company designed for long […]

Malaysian Defence

Nexter LG1 Howitzers in The Wild

SHAH ALAM: Nexter LG1 howitzers in the wild. The Army 1st Royal Artillery Regiment (Para) has undertaken a firing exercise involving the newly delivered Nexter LG1 Mk 3 105mm howitzers at the Gemas range, from Feb 22 to 25. This was the first time a firing exercise involving the newly […]

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Scramblers For Op Benteng

SHAH ALAM: Scramblers for Op Benteng. The Army has taken delivery of 180 Kawasaki 250cc scramblers purchased under the Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) of Op Benteng. The scramblers were officially handed over to Army chief General Zamros Mohd Zain at the 92 Central Vehicle Depot at Batu Kantonmen in Kuala […]

Malaysian Army

Another PGB Holder Promoted

SHAH ALAM: Another PGB Holder Promoted. In our previous post Malaysian Defence reported that Major General Mohd Halim Khalid has become the highest ranking PGB holder in military service. Mohd Halim who was awarded the PGB for his actions in Somalia – not the Bakara market incident – was promoted […]

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Unifil Contender Out on Show

SHAH ALAM: Unifil contender out on show. Local company, Mildef International Technologies (Mildef) has publicly unveiled its 4X4 High Mobility Armoured Vehicle (HMAV) today. The armoured 4X4 equipped with a RWS was shown at a media event at its facility in Sepang. The vehicle according to Mildef MILDEF has successfully […]

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This Is The Way

SHAH ALAM: This is the way. It appears that the Gempita production will continue until 2021 as I had predicted about a year ago. The continuing production although limited to a small number of units was confirmed by pictures of the Deftech plant in Pekan, Pahang on December 4. The […]

Tentera Darat

Pendekar On The Range

SHAH ALAM: Pendekar on the range. 11 Kor Armor Di Raja (KAD) conducted a live firing exercise at Kem Sirajuddin, Gemas on Nov. 13 in honour of the official visit from Army chief General Zamrose Mohd Zain. Berita Tentera Darat Malaysia reported the visit was part of Zamrose tour of […]

Tentera Darat

Army Getting More Units in Sabah

SHAH ALAM: Army getting more units. The Army is getting more units in Sabah – one infantry brigade, three infantry battalions, three artillery regiments, one armor regiment and one Air Wing squadron. The announcement of the units was made by Defence Minister DS Ismail Sabri during a visit to Sandakan […]