100 More One-Tonne GS Truck

The Hilux 1-Tonne GS Cargo 4X4 truck manufactured by Go Auto Sales Sdn Bhd. TD picture

SHAH ALAM: 100 more one-tonne GS truck. The Army is getting 100 more one-tonne GS truck in 2022, which likely bring the retirement of Land Rovers GS trucks in its service. Army chief General Mohd Zamrose Zain announced this today as part of the pre-anniversary celebrations of the service. Army Day will be held at Port Dickson on March 1, its 89th anniversary.

The one-tonners are likely the ones sought by the Army under its Mobility Phase III programme which was tendered out last June. Interestingly that tender called for 151 one-tonne GS trucks though it may well be 100 of these vehicles will be delivered this year with the rest next year. Of course, the tender for the 151 one-tonners was won by Global Komited Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Weststar Group, for a LOA of RM24 million. It is likely that they would supply the GK LTV one-tonners (below).

The Global Komited one-tonne GS Cargo truck being driven up from the landing craft onto HMAS Adelaide well deck during the ship’s visit to Malaysia in 2017. The vehicle is basically an Isuzu one-tonne pick up.

Apart from these trucks, the Army, last year also sought to purchase 13 light forward repair vehicle, basically a one-tonne tow truck to replace its Land Rovers used for the same purpose. This tender was won Mildef Technologies Sdn Bhd with the LOA of RM5.8 million.
A Land Rover Light Forward Repair Vehicle which is equipped with a crane. It is one of the dwindling number of specialty Land Rovers still in service with the Army.

Zamrose also said the Army is also getting five 60-tonne tank transporters and four seven-tonne trucks, Zamrose. Seven tonne trucks are unusual for the Army as it usually it buys five-tonne trucks. I am assuming this vehicles will be operated by the engineering units specifically for mobile bridge deployments.
MAN 5-tonne GS Cargo displayed at DSA 2016. MAN Malaysia

Apart from the trucks, the Army is also getting 98 assault boats; 20 60hp outboard motors and 71 freefall tactical parachutes.
Soldiers training moving an assault boat in March 2019. BTDM

Zamrose also said the main focus of the Army this the year was the construction of family quarters. Seven construction projects is expected to be completed this year, benefiting some 1,000 soldiers and their families.
*updated with the winners of some of the tenders.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. The land rover defender os a fully serviceable vehicle. Can be used forever as parts are still available. Thats why its popular in remote areas. Old tech is good bcos its easy to maintain.

  2. Good choice.,… those Toyota engines are just unbreakable. Give me one anyway. Much better than European stuff.

  3. Sadly nobody in the region (except australia) is producing new land crusier J70 or else it would’ve been a perfect choice. Midsize pickup truck like Hilux and Dmax is pretty anemic for anything other than general people mover

  4. Since Weststar won it, Im hoping they are pushing GK Isuzu rather than GK-M1 which is basically a rebadged Thai light truck!

  5. Hasnan – ”a fully serviceable vehicle”

    Many things are still ”fully serviceable”. The issue is that it comes to a point where for various reasons it’s deemed that something should be retired/replaced. It’s not about the Land Rover per see [I’m a Landie fan] but how it fits into the overall scheme of things.

  6. Hasnan,

    We have ordered several types in various numbers over the years but have not managed to phase out the Land Rovers, have we? Was this as intended or by default? I wouldn’t say the Land Rover’s retirement is guaranteed with this latest development.

    This somewhat parallels the situation where our M-16s are serviceable but theoretically should have been replaced by the AUGs and in turn the M-4s. Yet this did not happen because not enough AUGs and M-4s were ordered to replace the M-16s in all units, which will have to retain the M-16s indefinitely. There’s also the situation where the pintle mounted GPMG only partially replaced the M-60 in some mechanized units.

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