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More Logistics Support Bridges

SHAH ALAM: The Procurement Division of the Defence Ministry has issued a tender for the supply and delivery of five Logistics Support Bridges (LSB) for the Army. The tender was published June 11 and closes on July 4, a period of twenty-three days. The LSBs are British Bailey-style prefabricated and […]

Defence Contract

Its Desa Kencana at Lahad Datu

SHAH ALAM: Work at the new camp at Felda Sahabat at Lahad Datu has started but its long way to be finished. Pictures of the new camp site showed that the earth work – levelling the site and likely drainage has been completed but work on buildings has not started […]

Defence Contract

New Tender for NVGs

SHAH ALAM: In a previous post, Malaysian Defence wrote that the tender for 18 NVGs for use in northern Semenanjung, Sabah and Sarawak were cancelled. The tender was initially published as quotation notices by the Ordnance Group. Now a tender for NVGs- 86 units – has been published by the […]

Tentera Darat

Army Chief Visits Turkish Manufacturers

SHAH ALAM: Army chief General TS Hafizudeain Jantan visited two Turkish armoured vehicles manufacturers during a tour of the country this week. He visited Turkey for the SEDEC conference fair. The manufacturers he visited were Nurol Makina and FNSS Savunma. Both companies had supplied armoured vehicles to the Army, Nurol […]

Defence Contract

More ATVs for the Army, Part 3, Winners Revealed

SHAH ALAM: Last April, Malaysian Defence wrote that the Ordnance Division has issued three separate quotation notices (QN) to supply ten all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) each for units conducting border patrols in the northern peninsula, Sabah, and Sarawak – for a total of thirty. The requirement called for two-seater ATVs with […]

Defence Contract

Black Hawks, Still Waiting For You

SHAH ALAM: The Army is still waiting for the leased Black Hawk helicopters, said Army chief TS General Hafizuddeain Jantan today adding that he will be discussing with Aerotree Sdn Bhd officials on the new delivery schedule for them. He said the company had also agreed to assume the Liquidated […]

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Its Electric Motorcycles

SHAH ALAM: In the first post on the quotation notice for fourty-five e-bikes for the Army, I wrote that it may well that the Army was looking for electric motorcycles. However, upon finding out that the sole company that took part had bid RM491,055 for each separate notice, I stated […]

Defence Contract

More ATVs for the Army

SHAH ALAM: Back in January 2021, Malaysian Defence wrote about the Army getting 27 all-terrain vehicles (ATV) from Go Auto Sdn Bhd which was funded under the Op Benteng urgent operational requirement. The LOA for the 27 ATV which includes two helmets, two pairs of gloves and two sets of […]

Defence Contract

Combat Utes for the Army?

SHAH ALAM: Back in 2015, Malaysian Defence reported that the police has acquired Polaris MRZR light tactical all terrain vehicle or combat buggies for use in ESSCOM. Apart from a picture in the Star newspaper about the combat buggies during that time, I have no idea what had happened to […]