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Surron Light Bee X electric scrambler. Aero Art.

SHAH ALAM: In the first post on the quotation notice for fourty-five e-bikes for the Army, I wrote that it may well that the Army was looking for electric motorcycles. However, upon finding out that the sole company that took part had bid RM491,055 for each separate notice, I stated that it may well be electric bicycles.

I am happy to note that the Army is getting electric scramblers though as a check on Eperolehan today showed that Aero Art Sdn Bhd was awarded the LOA for the three notices, all at RM491,055. This means the cost of each of the 45 e-bikes is RM33,000.

The Surron Light Bee X specs.

Aero Art website showed that it was selling electric bicycles and an electric scrambler, the Surron Light Bee X, which it described as an electric off road dirt motorcycle. As the two electric bicycles are meant for urban terrain, it is likely Aero Art had offered the Surron Light Bee for the notice. The Surron Light Bee X according to the company:

With 6 kW of electric power, up to 100 km of cruising range, a top speed of 46 mph and a curb weight of just 56 kg, the Surron Light Bee X is premium electric technology available today.

Aero Art displaying the Surron e-bike and an electric bicycle, partly hidden, at DSA 2022. Aero Art.

A check on the Surron website, a China manufacturer, showed that the e-bike could be purchase online between $4,900 to $5,500 (RM23,300 to RM26,257). Before one goes off-tangent, it must be noted that the bidder will also have to supply helmets and gloves together with the e-bike. The e-bikes will also have to paint the bike in the Army digital colour prior to delivery.
Bomba officers taking a ride on the Surron ebikes at DSA 2022.

It must also be noted that Aero Art took part in DSA 2022 where it displayed the ebikes and conducted demonstrations for those interested in them. If I had been able to cover DSA 2022, it is likely that I would have remembered them. Unfortunately, I was unable to go due to Covid 19.

Hopefully, the company will take part in the upcoming DSA 2024 where it could show off the Surron Light Bee X.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. The surron comes in 2 versions

    – offroad only
    – road legal version with lights, signals, number plate holders

    Lets see which version does the army get, but I think it will be the (more expensive) road legal version.

  2. RM33k for the tender each which cost RM26,257 from China. So lets say it cost RM 1000 for the custom paintwork, Rm 1000 for logistic & paperwork, RM 500 for a pair of good gloves, RM 2000 for a good branded offroad helmet, then local handling staff cost & storage RM 1000, so untung bersih per bike is < RM 1k each. Not a bad deal for TDM doesnt seem like any way for hanky panky extra cost, but would such low profit margin be able to sustain this company? I wonder…

  3. Mr.Marhalim, reffering to the last picture, the officers are not from the Immigrations Department as you\’ve mentioned, they are from the Fire and Rescue Department (BOMBA). Thank You.

  4. Yeah sure, meanwhile do check the “Made in —” tag of your phone/PC you just typed your BS. lmfao

  5. The Ukrainians have been using electric bicycles and have found them quite useful for recce and AT [the NLAW is carried]. Even some units in the Brit and Canadian armies have been trialing them.

    One advantage they have is they’re silent; unlike scramblers which can be heard miles away. They have to be charged but then so do radio batteries; GPSs, SATCOM, tablets, cell phones and various other things carried in the field. They are not a substitute for scramblers and have to be used in the right conditions.

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