More Stuff Delivered For the Army, June 2023

Army chief General TS Mohammad Ab Rahman (centre) looking at one of the Explal 81mm mortars delivered at the ceremony on June 8. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: The Army has taken official delivery of trucks, 81mm mortars, boat trailers, assault boats, outboard motors and submachine guns in a ceremony held at the 92 Central Automotive Depot in Kuala Lumpur on June 8.

Army chief General TS Mohammad Ab Rahman officiated the ceremony. Among the item delivered are 38 units of Iveco three tonne GS cargo trucks, 48 Expal 81mm mortars and 155 Sig Sauer MPX 9mm submachine guns.

Apart from the three-tonne Iveco GS Cargo trucks for the Army, the ceremony also saw the delivery of MAN three tonne GS Cargo truck meant for the Unifil mission. TD picture

The three tonne GS cargo trucks contract was awarded to Deftech as announced at DSA 2022.
The Expal 81mm mortar. TD

Also delivered were the 48 Expal 81mm mortars which were ordered via a tender in 2019 though it was not revealed which company was awarded the contract nor the value. Checks on the Eperolehan also did not reveal the winning bidder. Eleven bidders took part in the tender with prices ranging from RM75 million to RM98 million
The Cendana Auto mortar carrier. TD picture.

Also shown at the delivery ceremony were the Cendana Auto mortar carrier vehicle.
Apart from the mortar and its accessories like the Talos fire control system, the vehicle will also carry the 81mm rounds and the crew. As the Army took delivery of 48 Expal mortars, it is likely Cendana Auto will be supplying at least 48 mortar carriers.
Deputy Army Chief Leftenant General Hafizuddeain Jantan having a feel of the Sig Sauer MPX submachine gun. It comes complete with a suppressor and optics. TD picture,

As for the MPX submachine guns, this was reported previously by Malaysian Defence that it was meant for the Grup Gerak Khas (GGK). The contract for the 155 MPX was awarded to Flumen Technologies Sdn Bhd with an LOA of RM4.8 million.
Among the Sig Sauer MPX submachine guns delivered to the Army and meant for the GGK. TD picture.

Also delivered are 12 Iveco Daily 4X4 gun towers, likely the last batch from the original contract. The earlier batch is already in service.
One of the delivered Iveco Daily 4X4 gun towers. TD

The other deliveries include 79 boat trailers, 33 assault boats and fourty-units of outboard motor.
One of the boat trailers delivered to the Army. TD

Checks on Eperolehan, showed that MRI Technologies Sdn Bhd was awarded a RM7.2 million contract to supply 98 assault boats from a tender published in April 2021. There were two separate tenders for boat trailers published in February and April, 2022. The tender for the 44 boat trailers (February) was awarded to Arena Mission Sdn Bhd for RM837,540 while the April one for 100 boat trailers was awarded to PureAmps Exclusive Sdn Bhd for RM3.4 million. The Tentera Darat post on the ceremony and the one by BTDM which was subsequently deleted did not identify which company delivered the boat trailers.
One of 33 the assault boats delivered to the Army. The assault boats were supplied by MRI Technologies. TD picture

This is the post from BTDM published on June 8 but has since been deleted.

KUALA LUMPUR: Panglima Tentera Darat (PTD), Jen Tan Sri Datuk Seri Mohammad Ab Rahman diiringi Panglima Logistik Tentera Darat (PL TD), Mej Jen Hj Rusni Saad menyempurnakan Majlis Penyerahan Aset Tentera Darat (TD) di 92 Depot Kenderaan Pusat (92 DKP) pada 8 Jun 2023.

Penyerahan aset yang berlangsung ini melibatkan 38 unit trak 3 Tan GS Kargo, 12 unit kenderaan penarik meriam, 48 unit Mortar 81 milimeter, 79 unit Boat Trailer, 33 unit Assault Boat, 40 unit Out Boat Motor (OBM) 60HP dan 155 unit Sub Machine Gun (SMG) 9 milimeter.

Majlis penyerahan ini semestinya memenuhi Teras Pertama Perintah Ulung PTD Ke-29 iaitu Peningkatan Kesiagaan.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. I like the grilles on the headlights of the Cendana Auto mortar carrier. Very artistic.

  2. TDM needs to put up a show after being eclipsed by the recently concluded event from Navy & Air Force eh.

    “81mm mortars which were ordered via a tender in 2019”
    Ordered in 2019 and only delivered in 2023? Say whaattt?!

    “BTDM published on June 8 but has since been deleted.”
    Why did they even bother to post then? Surely it should have been cleared by the PR biro or something. This not the first time too.

  3. BTW Marhalim, any idea which vehicle or platform is planned to have the ATGW-MR tripod mounted on?

  4. If the OMTAS is selected and mounted on the Adnan, it can be fired by remote control, so the crewman is not exposed like with the current B-S missiles.

  5. Tom Tom,

    It is be fired from the shoulder, tripod or a pedestal mount. I will be pleasantly surprised if we enable it to be fired from inside a vehicle …

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