Iveco Daily Gun Towers Out in The Wild

A drone of the 4 AD 43rd anniversary parade. Note the vehicles on the left and guns in the middle. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: Iveco Daily gun towers in the wild. In previous posts, Malaysian Defence reported that the Armyu was getting Iveco Daily gun towers for the artillery regiments equipped with 105mm guns. Initially, this was just a guess as the MTO tender did not specify the type of gun towers the Army was getting.

From the initial report

The tender for the 36 gun towers was issued in October 2019. We also do’nt know which company won the tender as it has not been updated since it was closed in October, 2019 apart from the bid price’s list.

Army chief Gen Zamrose Mohd Zain receiving a mock key to mark the acceptance of the gun towers from Hamza Supply & Services representative during the ceremony in October 2022. BTDM.

The confirmation on the Iveco Daily gun towers came last October when the Army took delivery of 36 Iveco Daily Gun towers together with other equipment. The contract for the gun towers was awarded to Hamza Supply & Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of a car importer (see picture above).

Nexter LG1 105mm howitzers of 1 RAD at Eks Para Predator 1/2021. BTDM

In the initial post on the gun towers, I guessed that one of the users of the new gun towers will be Rejimen Pertama Artileri Di Raja (Para) attached to the 10th Para Brigade. I was wrong as the unit continue to use the Uro Vamtac gun towers with their Nexter LG1 Mk III 105mm howitzers.
4 AD at their 43rd anniversary parade. The Iveco Daily gun towers at the far left with the 105mm pack howitzers in the middle. BTDM

The Iveco Daily gun towers are first seen in the wild with the Rejimen 4 Artileri Di Raja at its recent 43rd anniversary parade as published by BTDM. Unfortunately, no close-up pictures of the gun towers were published in the report which republished here. From the pictures, only seven Iveco Daily gun towers were seen though the unit is equipped with twelve 105mm Oto-Melara pack howitzers.
4 AD at the 43rd anniversary parade. BTDM

Perhaps we will have to wait to have a close look at the next National Day parade this August.
A GK-M1 gun tower with an Oto Melara 105mm pack howitzer at Merdeka Day parade rehersal in August 2019.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Nobody ever calls those units 1 AD, or 4 AD.

    Those artillery units are called 1 RAD (PARA) and 4 RAD.

  2. Wong …

    Well thanks heaven’s white roses you’re around to correct such outrageous errors.. I’m sure Marhalim is highly appreciative.

    Colloquially within the service they are referred to as “satu meriam”; “dua meriam” and so on.

  3. in the second photo we can see the iveco daily and it looks like a low chasis unlike the one in RSD service.
    previous gun tower the pinzgauer have a higher chasis

  4. How much small arms ammunition does the military buy from foreign companies ech year? Has anyone tracked the contracts placed?

  5. It only started around 2019. You are welcome to trawl the Eperolehan pages to come with the numbers. I do not think it is enough for emergencies. It was not enough in 2014 (Lahad Datu) and at that time, we were making our own small arms ammunition.

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