More New Stuff for The Army, October 2022

Taking a closer look at the RPG. TD

SHAH ALAM: The Army has taken delivery of more new equipment – mostly trucks and support weapons – at a ceremony held today. Among the trucks delivered are three Scania prime movers, described as Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck- Multi Cargo Palletised System (HEMTT); 10 Iveco five-tonners and 40 Hilux One-tonne GS Cargo trucks (from Deftech); 32 units of MAN three tonnes GS Cargo trucks; 36 Iveco Daily 4X4 gun towers and 40 One-tonne Fitted For Radio trucks (Cendana Auto).

Army Chief General Zamrose Mohd Zain looking at the Hilux one-tonne GS Cargo truck with the Expal 81mm mortar in the back ground. TD

The weapons received are 72 units of Expal 81mm mortar with the Talos fire control system (to be integrated into the Cendana Auto mortar truck); 27 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher and 150 RPG launchers. The RPG and MGL are likely procured from Serbian company Namenska.
General Zamrose Mohd Zain looking at two models of the Iveco Daily gun tower.

Also delivered are 98 assault boats and their outboard motors. Unfortunately, the Army only published a limited number of pictures of the trucks and weapons delivered at the ceremony. So, I guess we have to wait for another time to get better pictures of these new assets.
Looking at the technical details of the Scania prime mover.

From BTDM:

KUALA LUMPUR : Tentera Darat (TD) menerima perolehan beberapa aset baharu berupa Kenderaan Jenis B (KJB) dan beberapa laras senjata bantuan yang berlangsung di 92 Depot Kenderaan Pusat (92 DKP), Kem Batu Kentomen pada 26 Okt 2022.

Terdahulu, majlis penyerahan aset-aset TD telah disempurnakan oleh Panglima Tentera Darat (PTD), Jen Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Zamrose Mohd Zain diiringi oleh Panglima Logisitik TD, Mej Jen Hj Abdul Aziz Samsi @ Hj Shamsudin.

Antara aset-aset KJB yang diterima melibatkan tiga unit Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck-Multi Cargo Palletised (HEMTT-MCPLS), 10 unit Trak 5 Tan dan 40 unit 1 Tan GS Kargo, 32 unit Trak 3 Tan GS Kargo (MALBATT), 36 unit Kenderaan Penarik Meriam dan 40 unit Trak 1 Tan Fitted For Radio (FFR).

Beberapa laras senjata bantuan baharu yang diterima melibatkan 72 unit Mortar 81MM (Complete Set) bersama TALOS Fire Control System, 27 unit Multiple Grenade Launcher 40MM dan 150 unit Light Anti Tank Weapon Short Range (Rocket Propelled Grenade).

Turut diterima sebanyak 98 unit Assault Boat bersama Single Outboard Engine of 40HP or 60HP 4 Stroke (Tiller or Remote).

Note the 40mm MGL at the end of the picture.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. I remember not too long ago Malaysia wanted to produce the M4 locally. What happen to that project

  2. Other than the FFRs the other vehicles are pretty much off the shelf civvie vehicles so not much to it. A Hilux GS will still look like a Hilux, the Scania prime mover is a civvie based R460 (likely the 16litre engine version), and Iveco Daily is also a civvie model.

  3. The positives are that it seems TDM is moving towards off the shelf based models for their general purpose vehicles leveraging on the commercial vehicle sector to help lower cost of acquisition, spares & service, plus any bengkel level mechanic can do post warranty services. Just to get a broken fender replacement is so much easier.

  4. “Other than the FFRs the other vehicles are pretty much off the shelf civvie vehicles so not much to it”

    The FFR is still a Hilux underneath the custom exterior skin just like an Audi A4 is just a VW golf in different clothing.

  5. Qamarul – “I remember not too long ago Malaysia wanted to produce the M4 locally”

    It was more than a decade ago….

    We produced what we needed; the taxpayer had to pay for the rights and production costs; it didn’t make us self sufficient and a plan to export it fell flat on its face. That sums it up in a nutshell…

    Nimitz – “not a lot if to give to all 5 division…”

    No but the various units already have gear and the question you should ask is what is a unit’s authorised strength for mortars [how many tubes in a mortar platoon], shoulder fired weapons and other things. Prior to this Expal buy we ordered a batch in the 1990’s and we also ordered mortars from Denel; on top of that the Yugoslav ones are still around. What’s surprising is buying MGLs from Slovakia as we already have decent numbers of Milkors.

  6. A unit’s authorised strength for support weapons? I believe it is published somewhere but not easily found compared to US Army’s TOE. Why the rojak type of mortar,MGL? can’t stick to one type due to after sales service/spare parts issues?

  7. “FFR is still a Hilux underneath the custom exterior skin”
    Indeed. But just to get a broken fender panel replacement would have to import from the OEM and that if they have stock. A broken Hilux panel could be bought from a dozen Toyota stockist and delivered on the same day.

  8. MilitaryMadness – “The 1980s called, they want their RPG-7 back”

    The RPG-7 first appeared in the 1960’s and is an improvement of the RPG-2 which came out earlier. The Nammo LAWs we have are based on the M72 which first appeared in the 1960’s and the FN and Manroy HMGs we have is a design dating back from the 1930’s. Last but not least the Carl Gustavs we have are is a design dating back to the 1950’s.

    There will be occasions where the pedigree of particular kit has no impact.

    Nimitz – “A unit’s authorised strength for support weapons? ”

    It isn’t published anywhere and it can vary from unit to unit. During the time when counter insurgency was the focus; mortar platoons organic to infantry battalions had 8 tubes. That was fine then when the focus was counter insurgency but at present 8 tubes aren’t a lot.

    Nimitz – “Why the rojak type of mortar,MGL?”

    Mortars tend not to have many parts that need replacing compared to say guns or grenade launchers so having a few types of mortars in service isn’t much of an issue.

    Going back to your earlier statement; whether what we’re getting is enough for 5 Divisions really depends on the authorised allocation of these weapons to units.

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