Assault Boats For The Army

SHAH ALAM: Assault boats for the Army. In his new year message, Defence Minister DS Ismail Sabri announced the procurement of 15 assets for the military during the year. Among them are the Army land and water mobility programmes, light combat aircraft, aviation ground support vehicles and equipment, fire engines, firepower and special forces equipment and air defence radars.

Soldiers from 4th Mek Brigade putting an assault boat into a three tonne truck for a flood relief mission in January 2021. BTDM

It appears that the water mobility programme is the first among the items to be funded and procured this year as a tender for 98 assault boats was published on EPerolehan website on April 5. The tender closes on April 27. The basic specifications of the assault boats are as listed below. For the full specifications go to the EPerolehan website

Soldiers putting an outboard motor of an assault boat in a three tonne truck for a flood relief mission in January, 2021

There is a requirement for Assault Boat to transport a fully equipped Infantry Section with a crew. The boat shall be of ‘Vee’bottom type and suitable for high speed performance, has excellent maneuverability and stability characteristics.

Mobility. It shall be able to operate in all navigable rivers and waterways and coastal area.
Portability. It shall be easy carried by 6 men and transported by any 3 ton truck, boat trailer and transport aircraft.

It shall be operate by 2 men crew, maneuverable and stable both in the river and coastal areas.
Compatibility. It can be powered by in service OBM. Robustness. It shall be robustly built to withstand repeated grounding, scrapping and rough handling by troops.

Soldiers training moving the assault boat in March 2019. BTDM

Based on the specifications, we can assumed that the Army is looking to replace the current inventory of assault boats already in service. As the new boats are supposed to have a service life of 10 years it it likely that the current ones are at least that old.

Soldiers undergoing training at Pulada in Ulu Tiram, Johor worked together to carry an assault boat. BTDM

Apart from taking soldiers to cross – rivers, lakes and even the sea – these boats are also used by the Army for flood relief duties whenever they are needed hence the specifications for its to be not only portable but also robust for repeated usage in all sorts of situation and also during training cycles.

— Malaysian Defence

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