More Engineering Equipment For Army’s Sappers

Pronal mobile water purification system towed by a one-tonne GS 4X4 vehicle. Pronal

SHAH ALAM: More engineering equipment for Army’s sappers. The Army took delivery of more engineering equipment – Kenderaan Jenis C – at a ceremony graced by Defence Minister DSU Mohamad Hasan at the Sg Perdana camp on January 5.

Among the engineering equipment are five units of Case 580N wheel loader with back actor (back-hoe); eight units of Tadano bridging (medium) crane and eleven units of Pronal mobile water purification system. The contract for the water purification system was awarded to Stare Resources Sdn Bhd with a LOA of RM3.2 million.

Defence Minister DSU Mohamad Hasan being briefed on the capability of the Tadano medium crane. TD

As mentioned in an earlier post, the winning bidder for the bridging crane was not announced though from pictures of the ceremony, it can be determined that the LOA was awarded to High Point World Wide Sdn Bhd. Unfortunately, the company which supplied the wheel loader is not identified.
A group photograph with the Pronal mobile wate purification system.

It must be noted that Army identified its wheel loader as wheel loader with back actor for an unknown reason. Most of the wheel loader manufacturers identify the rear attachment as the back-hoe.
A briefing on the Case 580N wheel loader with back actor (back hoe) . BTDM

It is also interesting to note that the Army had painted the KJC in olive green and not in the now common digital camouflage. Perhaps it is to differentiate between combat and combat support vehicles and the support vehicles.
Army wreckers and other trucks in digital camouflage while the trucks in the end are in olive green. TD

This could be seen from a display of 61-vehicles put up for the Defence Minister by the Western Field Command. The combat and combat-support vehicles – wreckers and 4X4s – are in digital camouflage while the logistics vehicles are in olive green.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. maybe because the back attachment isn’t simply a bucket like backhoe. Sometimes can add power hammer or drill to make hole for post

  2. The Mercedes-Benz L911 wrecker, older than Sibmas, is still serving.

    wheel loader with back actor…can take out the bucket and put other hydraulic attachments.

  3. We need the same engineering equipment + bridges for the Eastern Field Command.

    Kampung ppl all backhoes are called JCB hahahah

    Oh and another thing, probably we should create more Wataniah RAJD units in GLCs that is in the construction sector.

    BTW marhalim, all these equipments are placed under Rejimen Askar Jurutera DiRaja (RAJD), not Kor Jurutera Letrik dan Jentera DiRaja (JLJ). Please change the Tag.

  4. Also the large CASE branding on that backhoe won’t do its camouflage a whole lot of good if that was the intention.

  5. This would be correct if the other attachments are also purchased. The specification called for a back hoe which can be used for excavation if no excavator is not available

  6. “We need the same engineering equipment + bridges for the Eastern Field Command”

    Yes, but the priority is beefing up support for the combined-arms formation.

    Then if a Kostrad transfer lock stock barrel north of Equator Line to Borneo maybe then some heavy stuff will pre-positioned to Eastern Field Command

  7. Nimitz – “Yes, but the priority is beefing up support for the combined-arms formation”

    Priority should be in ensuring that assets are organic to units rather than being under the control of a formation HQ. Not only does the ratio in combat arms and support arms have t be increased but also how they are distributed.

    This is something a former Deputy Defence Minister touched on. A lot of things the army does has not changed for decades and is centered on low intensity scenarios.

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