Defence Contract

Have HK Will Travel

SHAH ALAM: Have HK will travel. It appears that the MMEA Special Tasks and Rescue (STAR) team has finally gotten their Heckler & Koch HK416 A5 assault rifles it had sought since 2014. An unknown number of the AR were delivered recently together with the HK SFP9 semi-automatic pistols, the […]

Malaysian Defence

The End Is Near

SHAH ALAM: The End is Near. It appears that the Gempita 8X8 production is reaching the end. Denel, one of the biggest suppliers for the programme announced last week that it had supplied the 100th turret from the 122 ordered by Deftech. The programme would have been completed last year […]

Asean and Malaysia

Thailand Buying Boeing Little Birds

SHAH ALAM: Thailand buying Boeing Little Birds. The US State Department on Sept. 24 announced the proposed sale to Thailand of eight Boeing AH-6I light attack reconnaissance helicopters and related equipment in a deal worth $400 million (RM1.675 billion). Although its just an announcement of a proposed sale, it is […]


Typhoons in Butterworth, 2019

SHAH ALAM: Typhoons in Butterworth, 2019. Four Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role fighters are set to arrive at the Butterworth airbase later this week to take part in the FPDA exercise Bersama Lima 2019. The Typhoons will be accompanied by a RAF Voyager multi role transport tanker. The RAF […]

Malaysian Army

Another KJA Programme Or Two

SHAH ALAM: Another KJA Programme. In my earlier post on the MIFV/Adnan Upgrade I mentioned that the Army has another KJA – armoured vehicles – programme being planned for the near future. Its two actually as both are wheeled armoured vehicles – the High Mobility Protected Vehicles (HMAPV) and the […]

Malaysia -RMN

Maritime Utility Helicopter Tender

SHAH ALAM: Maritime Operations Helicopter Tender. By the time you read this, representatives of companies interested in bidding for the RMN maritime operations helicopter tender would be reporting to their bosses of the technical requirements. Yes the search for the RMN utility helos has restarted with a field visit (Sept. […]

Malaysian Army

South Korean HMG for RMN

SHAH ALAM: South Korean HMG for RMN. It appears that the RMN has bought an unknown number of South Korean S&T Motiv K6 12.7 mm heavy machine guns. This is based on an advertisement for a multi modal transport operator to ship a container load of the guns from Incheon, […]


Going, Going, Gone…

SHAH ALAM: Going, Going, Gone. The government wants to cancel the deal for the MD530G light scout attack helicopter and the MH109A5 self propelled howitzer. It is unclear why they want to cancel both contracts though this is likely as a result of the review ordered by the current government […]