Malaysia - RMAF

Old Fulcrums for new Fulcrums

SHAH ALAM: Old Fulcrums for new Fulcrums?. Russia wants to buy RMAF 16 stored MiG-29s for two squadrons of the latest generation Mig-35, says the New Straits Times. In a report dateline Moscow, the newspaper said this was the offer made to Malaysia by Russian President Vladimir Putin. NST quoted […]

Malaysian Army

Mobility Programme of the Army

SHAH ALAM: Mobility programme. It appears that the Army is embarking on a mobility programme that could be the start of recapitalisation of its vehicles fleet and perhaps even of its whole asset including weapons. As the Army has been shy to share its modernisation plans unlike the RMN and […]

Malaysia -RMN

Maritime Utility Helicopter Tender Canceled

SHAH ALAM: Maritime Utility Helicopter Tender Canceled. The tender for the RMN maritime utility helicopters (MUH) has been canceled. The tender which was supposed to close on Aug. 19 (wrongly listed as July 15 on the advertisement) was canceled according to the Defence Ministry e-tender page. It did not state […]

Malaysian Army

Capability Demonstration 4th Mechanised Brigade

SHAH ALAM: Capability Demonstration 4th Mechanised Brigade. Fourth Mechanised Brigade (4th Mech) based at Kuantan, Pahang, hold a capability demonstration parade recently for visiting Third Division Commander Mej. Gen Tengku Muhammad Fauzi Tengku Ibrahim. Tengku Muhammad was promoted as the GOC of the division in late July, he was previously […]

Malaysia - RMAF

New Bombs and Capabilities on Flankers

SHAH ALAM: New Bombs and Capabilities on Flankers. A few years ago I wrote that the RMAF wanted to integrate the DRS Technologies ACMI pod on its Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker fleet. This was expected as the pods were already integrated on the Mig-29N Fulcrum fleet as well on the Hornets […]

Malaysia- MMEA

India Offers Malaysia Ship-building Collaboration

SHAH ALAM: India offers Malaysia ship building collaboration. The New Straits Times is reporting that India is prepared to offer its fast-expanding ship-building technology to Malaysia and other countries. It is also keen to collaborate on oceanic research concerning marine life, the weather, environment and natural disasters. Indian High Commissioner […]

Malaysian Army

Adnan And MIFV Upgrade In RMK12

SHAH ALAM: Adnan and MIFV Upgrade In RMK12. It appears that the Army proposal to upgrade its Kenderaan Jenis A (KJA-Type A Vehicles – armoured) – the Adnan and MIFV – have been approved and will be funded in the next RMK, starting in 2021. One aim of the upgrade […]

Malaysia- MMEA

Further Update of MMEA OPV

SHAH ALAM: Further update of the MMEA OPV. As reported previously, the first of class MMEA OPV, built by the THHE Destini JV, is expected to be launched late this year. Work on the three ships are progressing well, I am told, with 54 per cent work already completed. The […]