Maritime Utility Helicopter Tender Canceled

A Bell S-76C of Hevilift Group operating from Labuan airport for the O&G industry. Malaysian Defence.

SHAH ALAM: Maritime Utility Helicopter Tender Canceled. The tender for the RMN maritime utility helicopters (MUH) has been canceled. The tender which was supposed to close on Aug. 19 (wrongly listed as July 15 on the advertisement) was canceled according to the Defence Ministry e-tender page. It did not state the reason for the cancellation.

A screenshot of the canceled tender.

The tender for the utility helicopters were published last month together with another open competition for the Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC).

In an interview this morning, RMN Chief Adm. Reza Sany said they were looking for three utility helicopters, to be based at ESSCOM AOR for troop transport and utility roles. He said the budget allocated for the program was RM220 million

Hong Kong based Government Flying Service (GFS) Airbus H175. Airbus

I even discussed the candidates for the programme in a followed up post. In the post I mentioned that the EC225 owned by MHS Aviation remained stored at Miri and one commentator replied that the helicopters were no longer there. I sought confirmation on the reply and has since been informed by an industry source that the five helicopters are still there.

A Sikorsky S-76C of Hevilift Group operating from Labuan airport for the O&G industry. Malaysian Defence.

What is the EC225 got anything to do with MUH then? Nothing actually, its just my poetic license to ramble on my own website, of course.
Anyhow I was told that the tender was canceled due to a technical error. The tender will be reissued once the Defence Ministry got the approval to list it back again outside the E-perolehan system.

An Italian military HH-139 or AW139 equipped with specialized equipment. Wikipedia

I was told that an adminstrative error resulted in the MUH tender to be listed in the eperolehan website. As the helicopters are to be sourced from overseas, it should be issued as an international tender, instead of getting them from local suppliers which was the reason the ePerolehan was set up in the first place.

Bell 412EPI. Bell

The tender for the MUH will be re-issued ASAP, I was told. However it is likely to be issued to the manufacturers only.

— Malaysian Defence


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  1. Marhalim, you scared us. It’s to be re-issued and is therefore postponed only. Not cancelled.

    Its cancelled based on what is stated on
    the advertisement. If I didn’t checked with my sources I will be unaware that it will be reissued. I would have just written it that way

  2. The question is, would the international tender still be required to have a local agent, even if the request now is sent directly to the helicopter manufacturers?

    It will depend of course on the manufacturers, they can appoint a local company to do it for them. And it will also depend on the tender documents, whether it will be an advantage to them or not.
    Airbus did not do so in the case of the EC725.

  3. “Airbus did not do so in the case of the EC725.”
    I’m guessing its because Airbus Heli already has a local office here. The other makes will need local partners to ‘lay cable’.

    Leonardo also has a local office here. As I said it depends on the tender documents itself, it could have a clause to say local partner etc for other things. This has happened before for international tenders or they could insert a clause for training etc etc that need local partners. That is why for ISS of the EC725, Airbus signed a JV with Boustead.

  4. @Marhalim
    “Leonardo also has a local office here.”
    I see. It could be different tack of approach by their respective organisations. Airbus was burned by many scandals going thru 3rd party so they took the chance when direct dealing is allowed. Meanwhile Leonardo perhaps found it easier going thru 3rd party even when direct nego is present. Who knows?

    But thanks for keeping us updated on this matter.

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