FIC and Maritime Helicopters Tenders

SHAH ALAM: FIC and Maritime Helicopters Tenders. The Defence Ministry has issued on July 19, open tenders for the purchase of fast interceptor craft and maritime helicopters tenders for the RMN. As usual only potential bidders will have access to the requirements and other stuff as the ministry do not publish the bid documents publicly as per usual practice.

However, Malaysian Defence had reported before on the FIC requirements previously. Read Here.New Interceptor Boats Wanted. There are many shipyards capable of producing the FIC for the RMN though personally I would prefer it to be a enclosed one unlike the open top version currently in service. RMN is getting 18 of these boats, to be based mostly in Sabah.

One of the Penggalang class FIAC procured from BYO Marine Sdn Bhd.

As for the maritime helicopters, I have been tracking this one since late last year after I had heard talk of RMN wanting six utility helicopters instead of ASW ones. The RMN had apparently had given up hope of getting the ASW helicopters and had floated the idea for utility helicopters, to be based permenantly in ESSCOM AOR.

An Italian military HH-139 or AW139 equipped with specialized equipment. Wikipedia

At LIMA 19 earlier this year, I was told that Leonardo was offering the AW139 while Airbus the H145M, both to be armed and configured for the ISR and utility roles, just as RMN wanted. These helicopters, although capable, could not be upgraded in the future for ASW work though.


An armed Airbus H145M. Airbus

In an interview this morning, RMN Chief Adm. Reza Sany said they were looking for three utility helicopters, to be based at ESSCOM AOR for troop transport and utility roles. He said the budget allocated for the program was RM220 million.

RMN Skn 501 Super Lynx helicopter firing the Sea Skua during Eksesais KerisMas. The helicopter is also not equipped with ASW equipment.

Hopefully, the 2020 budget will allocate the funds for the maritime helicopters and FIC and their contracts duly signed by early next year with deliveries taking place in 2022.

— Malaysian Defence

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