Missile Firings, On The Way

MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II leaving its launcher during Eks Kerismas 2019. RMN

SHAH ALAM: Missile firings, On The Way. The Royal Malaysian Navt conducted missile firings as part of the ongoing Exercise Taming Sari today. Two MBDA Sea Skua missiles were fired from a Super Lynx helicopter – likely the first ripple firing of the missiles – during the exercise held in the South China Sea, off Kuantan.

Frigate KD Kasturi also fired an MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II missile as part of the exercise. Defence Minister Mohammad Sabu and his deputy, Liew Chin Tong were onboard KD Jebat to witness the missile firings. Kasturi has been the ship of choice for firing missiles since it was upgraded a few years back.

MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II leaving its launcher. RMN

Another Sea Skua missile was also fired during Exercise Keris Mas which preceded Ex Taming Sari. As reported previously the exercises were held as part of RMN annual training cycle though it has been awhile since they conducted missile firings.
The Sea Skua on its way to the target.

Mohammad Sabu later told a press conference that the missile firings showed that the RMN was capable of working with high tech weapons. “I believe they will be able to work with newer technologies.

Mohammad Sabu and Liew watching the missile firings.

According to the RMN, both exercises were the biggest held this year with the involvement of 13 vessels and a submarine. Apart from the Super Lynx, RMN’s air wing also provided the Fennec during the exercise. The Fennec was also involved in transporting the Exocet to Kasturi.
The target exploding.

Apart from the RMN, RMAF aircraft from the Boeing F/A-18D Hornet, Beechcraft 200T King Air and the EC725 swere also involved in the exercises.
Whats left of the target – a barge with containers – after the missile hits.

RMN said the missile firings at the exercises were a significant event as the last time it was conducted was in 2014.
RMN Skn 501 Super Lynx helicopter firing the Sea Skua during Eksesais KerisMas. Skn 501 picture

An ammo technician from Skn 501 loading the MBDA Sea Skua missile on the Super Lynx helicopter, The Super Lynx can carry four Sea Skuas at one time, though RMN this time around only put two on the helicopter. Skn 501 picture

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. “I believe they will be able to work with newer technologies”
    Wow, epic statement of the year from our brilliant Menhan.

    Did he thought TLDM had been working with sampans up til recently? Come on lah!

  2. Marhalim, with the reluctance to go French and the Mica, is there any chance that the government will go with CAMM for the LCS? After all they are fairly similar and from the same manufacturer.

    AFAIK they are still going with MICA

  3. A lot of western media extrapolate the recent missile firings as Malaysian warning to China, which IMO is just a clickbait tor more traffic to their news.

    On of the recent chinese Liaoning Carrier Battle Group sailing from the pacific ocean into the south china sea. The Liaoning CBG sailied through the Sibutu Passage, which lies totally within The Philippines territorial waters between Tawi-tawi island and Sibutu island (unlike most sensational media which puts this passage between Sabah and The Philippines). As The Philippines is an archipelagic nation (like Indonesia, consists totally of islands), water between islands, no matter how far is their territorial waters. China did not inform The Philippines of the transit, which technically means China violated The Philippines territorial waters. Shows the hypocrisy and double standards of the Chinese regarding naval ships sailing.

    This will not be the last time chinese CBG will sail there. Although this time it did not enter malaysian territorial waters in eastern Sabah, we need to plan and prepare for the eventuality of that happening in the future.

    They did that based on the report by Jane ‘s. Of course it got nothing to do with the SCS just the new RMN management way of thinking. Guns and missiles are the reason for the RMN. Other stuff they can always hire out

  4. Off topic

    Looks like argentina is going to take the FA-50 as its intrim fighter aircraft. Annoncement to be released soon.

  5. The live fire exercise can be viewed in 2 ways : (1) A routine exercise in an area where we have traditionally conducted them (2) The RMN demonstrating that it has some capabilities to defend its maritime domain. It can also be a combination of both.

    Quite often the views expressed, which can include wordings like “flexing its muscles” (which I find over dramatic) are the personal views of who writes the report and not the publication itself.

  6. @ am

    Thanks for the link.

    Great read. IMO he do have the grasp of what is important to malaysian defence, our security issues and needs. Agreed on a lot of things he wrote, noting that our maritime domain should be our main priority, and we should look into increasing our maritme contribution to the economy, putting the need to defend our maritime areas to enable us to safely engage in economical activities there.

    @ marhalim

    Is there an eperolehan tender on new ASW helicopter out recently?


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