DSA 2024: Its Ada class, the Malaysian variant, Updated

The model of the LMS Batch 2 at RMN booth at DSA 2024. EL.

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that the RMN LMS Batch 2, the Ada class, will be a Malaysian variant after all. The front part of the ship will be like the Turkish, Pakistani and Ukrainian variants. The rear of the ship will be like the Pakistani and Ukrainian variants apart that it will be equipped with Korean made vertical launch system.

While the Pakistani and Ukrainian ships will be equipped with MBDA Albatross and MICA VL missiles, the RMN version is likely to be equipped with Hanwha Aerospace VLS and likely the LIG Next K-SAAM surface to air missiles.

Note the two extension just before the helicopter hangar which supposed to fit the K-SAAM and VLS. EL

The K-SAAM Block 1 missiles have a range of up to 20km It is unclear how many missiles will be fitted on the LMS Batch 2 but the model of the ship at the RMN booth two VLS launchers on the rear of the ship just before the hangar.
A rear view of LMS Batch 2. Note the 30mm RWS on top of the helicopter hangar.

One of the VLS may well be carrying two K-SAAM so the LMS Batch 2 can carry eight SAMs. There is also a 30mm RWS on top of the helicopter hangar.
The front end of the LMS Batch 2 model. Note the what appears to a 76mm gun, an Aselsan FCR and the Thales surveillance radar.

As for the front end of the ship, the model has a 76mm main gun, an Aselsan FCR and what appears to be the Thales SMART-S Mk 2 surveillance radar. If its the Mk 2 radar, it is the same one as fitted on the LCS.

HT to EL.

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  1. Well just like the Russians with the Su-30s and the non Russian systems we specified the Turks will be a wee bit disappointed that we’re going for less Turkish systems than they’d like.

  2. Lol. Now they wanted 2 different VLS effector to 2 different class of ship.

  3. Before everyone’s judging K-SAM, 2 of our current boats are rocking expired SAM while the rest of them didnt have any SAM at all

  4. My comment

    The radar model looks like a Thales NS110 rather than the SMART-S Mk2.
    Which is strange as turkiye now locally made the Smart-S Mk2 and putting it on all of their warships. But very good IMO as the NS110 is way better than the Smart-S Mk2. Currently even the UAE gowind uses the NS110, as is Egypt Meko-200EN and UK Arrowhead 140 Type 31 Inspiration class. Personally I wish our Gowinds will be fitted with NS110 too.

    As for the armament, why Korean VLS instead of Turkiye VLS (the MIDLAS with Hisar-D missile)? Very strange. Will it be FFBMW or fully armed? Actually the ship-launched missile is called K-SAAM, K-SAM is land-based S350 SAM system made-in korea. The K-SAAM has 20km range, has dual IR and Radar seeker (unlike Mica either or) and something also not like Mica, it can be quadpacked.

    Would like to know why is the main gun going back to 76mm (because turkish made and cheaper than BAE 57mm?)

    I am expecting CIWS of at least Gokdeniz, but looks like just a RCWS, the ASELSAN SMASH 30mm.

    I would like to know more of this

    1) engine? Still with gas turbines? Top speed?

    2) CMS system

    3) AShM system. NSM? Atmaca? Cakir? Korean missile?

    4) Hangar size

    5) ship cost

    6) when will it be completed. I feel like it defeats the purpose of getting these in the 1st place if we are only getting them after the first few gowinds is commissioned. The reason it is a corvette is because we urgently need ships due to the delays with the Gowinds.

    Going with korean SAM. Are they looking at korean SAM also for the Gowinds? Going korean, why not just buy korean ships in the 1st place. We can buy other stuff from Turkiye, like APMM ships for instance.

  5. …. – “Would like to know why is the main gun going back”

    Was 57mm ever the RMN’s preference or was it selected for the LCS because the local industry has a vested interest? That’s the question.

    It does not “defeat the purpose” because [again] the Batch 2s would still have been acquired even if the LCSs had all been delivered on schedule. It would “defeat the purpose” if the Batch 2s were acquired to fill in the gap so to speak like how the Laksamanas were ostensibly acquired to compensate for the late deliveries of the Lekius.

    BTW the reason it’s a “corvette” is because we can’t afford all the LCSs we’d like and as the RMN has pointed out not all roles require a LCS and certain roles can be performed by a LMS at fraction of the cost. We urgently need hulls but that would still be the case even if the LCSs has no issues and arrived on schedule. No conflation.

    Specifying a South Korean missile for the LCSs would lead to a whole new set of issues. As it stands even integrating and certifying European to European stuff can prove challenging.

  6. Zaft – “Lol. Now they wanted 2 different VLS effector to 2 different class of ship”

    Firstly it was due to circumstances . Secondary what’s an “effector”?

    … – “I am expecting CIWS”

    Probably due to the cost factor. I’ll tell you what I’m expecting. Will be a bummer if we don’t get it : data link. Also would be nice if there was an embarked UAS but that’s me getting ahead of myself.

    … – “M. Are they looking at korean SAM also for the Gowinds?”

    No. Why would we? Specifying a South Korean missile for the LCS would create a whole new set of issues. As it is; integrating and certifying European stuff to European stuff can be challenging.

    … – “Going korean, why not just buy korean ships in the 1st place”

    More politically expedient to buy from Turkey; assuming they have what we desire. Why did we get a ATGW from Turkey? Was the AV-8 selected on merit?

    The South Koreans would love to work with us. Way before they went into Indonesia and the Philippines they had already offered us various forms of collaboration but we were undecided and had our own way of doing things.

  7. Korean SAM close to Russia S-350.
    “Memorandum Persefahaman (Mou) antara Widad Business Group (Malaysia) dan Hanwha Aerospace (Korea Selatan), melibatkan kerjasama” look like MLRS?

  8. Assuming it’s K-SAAM and they will be quad packed in those VLS cells,these ships will have 16 anti air missiles which is IMO not bad for a ship this size. But there goes the commonality with the Gowinds

  9. Well at least T⁸LDM will get around 8 guided missile vessels by 2027 after almost 10 years only having 4 ships.

  10. Huh? using KVLS? why dont they just buy Korean ship in the first place.Cheaper and guaranteed blazing fast delivery to RMN.Yeah latest 15 to 5 kinda get me.Does RMN still want LMS or not? Do RMN still need to uparm the kedahs or not or will RMN transfer kedahs and chinese LMS to MMEA in the near future?

  11. If our ADA Class will be equipped with SAM. Does this means goverment increase the budget for LMSB2?

  12. Alhamdulillah.

    The K-VLS can accommodate both KM-SAM (40km) and K-SAAM (20km). K-SAAM can be quad packed in K-VLS, but KM-SAM have potential to be quad packed also due to it’s diameter (275mm) is half of Hyunmoo-3 diameter (600mm) and K-VLS cells width (630mm)

    Going for K-VLS surprised me as RMN never expressed their interest in Korean SAMS or even K-VLS before especially after choosing Turkey ships.

    16x KM-SAM or 16x K-SAAM for the size of the ships are very good and a happy welcome that RMN is going to this route. Though I hope future variants can have additional 2 or 4 K-VLS cells so that have same number of cells as Ukranian Ada. I think its feasible just need additional money maybe.

    From the model, the radar does not looks like Smart-S mk2 nor Ns110, it looks more similar to CENK radar as on Istanbul class, which is great!! (270km vs 400km), though this could be a scaled down smaller version compared to CENK on the Istanbul.

    Even without SAM and SSM price included, usd126 mil is too cheap to be true though.

    Anyway congrats to RMN for the milestone. Hopefully no more drama will happen on this project.

  13. This is an important moment. It now means that Malaysia will be now be buying its defence equipment from Turkey and South Korea, probably either depending on who can give the better price. I reckon this is just that. The customer keeping both sellers happy while at the same time getting the best value for money.
    Marhalim, what it the anti ship missile going to be?

  14. Oh my goodness! Here we go again. What is it with RMN and bespoke ships. Why does it not learn from history. It is not that the Turks cannot deliver a ship with armaments and equipment that the RMN already operates. Mark my words, this will lead to delays. What then? LMS Batch 3? Five years from now, do come back and revisit what I wrote here and see if it came true.

  15. The Turkish ship…
    The Korean SAM & VLS system…
    The 76mm gun (possibly)…
    The Smart S radar (possibly)…
    Everyone assumes this is what TLDM wants. But do they actually want these? The Turk ship that has systems & CMS that are prolly different than what they have and may not be fully compatible, the Korean SAM which are also new to TLDM (why not VL MICA which is already integrated to ADA and which is used in LCS?), a bigger caliber gun would have more punch but at a slower firing rate so how much beneficial is that (the days of peer ship to ship exchange of fire is gone, a smaller gun is more useful against stealthy boats & quasi AA gun). Except for the Smart S radar which is familiar to TLDM since the Kedah boats so it may have been selected by them to stick with a tried & tested (TLDM being a conservative lot).

    The Korean Hanwha missile may have been something to do with the MOU with Widad Group (I wonder what is their background and how they ties in with the current Govt). So Im interested to which is really what TLDM wants and which is what was pushed to them. As I said, Govt may change but is there really change?

  16. >bespoke ship

    The ones used by Turk navy uses Turbine and rocking Atmaca ASM. Do we need *another* different ASM right now?

  17. ”Everyone assumes this is what TLDM wants.”

    I think everyone is cognisant of the fact that certain things were selected based on financial and other factors and were not RMN preferences.

  18. Kamal,

    Yes the numbers are much better than they look now. They were even more impressive pre 2009 when there were 14 ships armed with missiles; 4 of which had a AD capability.

    There is a counter narrative however. Within that period you mentioned will those 5 LCSs and 3 LMS Batch 2s be able to operate jointly as part of a networked environment alongside MCMVs, subs, MPAs, UASs and other things whilst under a strong air umbrella.

    Or would those 5 LCSs and 3 LMS Batch 2s still be operating at a platform centric level without a strong air umbrella and all the other assets which should form part of the equation?

  19. “I think everyone is cognisant of the fact”
    Cognisant or not, everyone seems to be blaming TLDM for the rojak specs but in reality is that really what TLDM wants or is the blame again goes back to the decisionmakers/Govt?

  20. ”in reality is that really what TLDM wants or is the blame again goes back to the decisionmakers/Govt?”

    I would hazard a guess that it’s mostly what the RMN wants based on what it can get [based on funding and other issues] and who it has to get it from. From the start it was a political decision to buy from Turkey within a stipulated budget and it was always the intention for the class to be even more ”modest” that the LCS in terms of fit out.

    People can ”blame” the RMN all they want but all of the decisions are not in its hands. Everything’s a compromise; as long as the RMN can get its hulls with some level of fit out; it will make do with the certain things which it would not have gotten had it been its choice. I did not expect it to enter service with a AD missile. It’s a also a bummer that it most likely won’t have the triple tops tubes and a hull mounted sonar which in this day and age should be standard for every combatant given the proliferation of subs.

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