DSA2024: RMN New 15-to-5, Not…

RMN future force.

SHAH ALAM: In his speech for the RMN 90th anniversary, RMN chief Admiral Rahman Ayob said the new 15-to-5 plan is expected to be unveiled at DSA 2024. However, I have been told that the launch has been postponed.

Why? According to the people who spoke to Malaysian Defence the document was not yet ready for the publication hence the delay. A graphic of the plan however is displayed inside RMN’s booth at DSA 2024 which starts from today to May 9 at Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The graphic of the new 15-to-5 at RMN booth at DSA 2024. Malaysian Defence picture.

Malaysian Defence had reported that

The re-alignment of the RMN 15-to-5 plan means the service will have two more classes of ships, which had not been mentioned in the old one. The two classes are designated as the support group – four mine-hunters and two hydrographic ships.

It must be noted under the old plan, mine-hunting and hydrographic duties, were to be conducted by the LMS using containerized equipment. I am guessing that the idea of using containerized equipment has been dropped in favor of specialized hulls.

By designating the two classes as the support group, RMN can call the new plan 15-to-5 as well. The five classes are designated as the Surface Group – 12 LCS; 18 Corvette or PV; 18 LMS; four submarines and three MRSS. The number of ships to be procured remained the same as the old plan though.

The cover of the Strategy Document for RMN 15 to 5 Transformation Programme published in 2018. via RMN.

It must be noted that when the original 15-to-5 plan was launched, a 100-page book entitled The Strategy Document for RMN 15 to 5 Transformation Programme. The publication was later made available for download on RMN website.
The graphic of the new 15-to-5 plan. via RMN.

I am guessing that the new plan will also need a 100-page book. I stand to be corrected of course.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. On DSA2024

    I would like to hear more about

    – Roketsan Karaok (is it ready yet?)
    – Rokatsan Cakir Cruise missile
    – Roketsan T-72/PT-91 upgrade package, incuding the MZK Turret
    – Roketsan Gokdeniz
    – Aselsan/roketsan/MKE 155mm howitzer smart fuse
    – MKE Uca air launched glide naval mine
    – STM Ada class
    – STM Coast guard OPV
    – STM500 submarine
    – STM Fleet Tanker Project
    – FNSS Adnan upgrade

    – KIA KLTV
    – KLTV + 105mm howitzer
    – KIFV + 120mm mortar (rifled, same as Adnan and Gempita)
    – FA-50 progress
    – Hyundai HDP-3000 OPV
    – KGGB glide bomb/mine

  2. 2 years??

    We should have gone for the battle-proven AT-1K Raybolt and call it a day.

  3. As long as it’s non wire guided; has a top attack mode and a tandem warhead I don’t have a preference. The fact that we’re willing to wait 2 years to get a small batch of something to me says a lot about our sense of urgency.

    Slightly more than a year after it was ordered I can’t see what progress we can expect at this stage with the F/A-50s. Wonder whether we’re already considering a simulator in the coming years or it’s something we haven’t considered yet.

  4. I am sure the FA-50 will be supplied with simulators, as they are integrated with it. Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand all received simulators and training devices with their buys.

  5. I thought initial batch of pilots and ground crews are already in Korea for familiarization training

  6. I guess TLDM needed Parliamentary approval for the realignment and it came too close to DSA for everything to be “official”. Ah well, its not like DSA is all important for them to deliver such news it has to be when TLDM are ready for any public scrutiny and ready with satisfactory answers. And I wish the Govt will be ready to answer on the funding for this evolved Plan.

    And since it involves an intention to get more than 5 LCS, I want to know what is the Govt towards the 6th LCS; whether will it be funded to complete Batch1 or will it be a platform for a new class of LCS (that will entail more developmental money).

  7. More on TUDM FA-50

    Batch 1 delivery will start October 2026, and will be completed in June 2027.

    The first squadron to get the FA-50 will be tentatively the 17 Skuadron, formerly flying the MiG-29 from Kuantan AFB

  8. IF everthing goes well for the LCS project and all five ships are delivered on time, it will be politically expedient to complete the sixth ship. It is all now political, the albatross on Anwar’s neck if it goes.

  9. No not yet, though one or two pilots could be sent there for familiarisation training. The training will only start once the aircraft are ready for delivery. Only the project team is there as reported previously.

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