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A bird's eye view of the facilities at the now renamed Lumut Naval Shipyard. Picture likely taken in 2022. LNS

SHAH ALAM: Soon to be owned by Ministry of Finance Incorporated, Boustead Naval Shipyard – the builder of the LCS and RMN main workshop – is looking for workers. It is likely the workers are needed not just for the resumption of work for the LCS but for the ship repair business as well.

The company published the notice on its Linkedin page on Saturday.

BNS vacancies announcement on its Linkedin page.

It did not list the number of people it wants to hire but it looked like it could run into hundreds or more. The jobs opened include for the project management team, engineering and production.
Project Management Team vacancies.

It must be noted that BNS shed many workers prior to the start of production of the first LCS. It also happened when the LCS project and the ship repair business came to a stand-still due to lack of money (LCS) and the pandemic, respectively. But as work pick-up for the ship repair division and the resumption of the LCS project, it needs to find workers.
Engineering vacancies.

Yes, one may get cynical on BNS but as the company is to be brought into MOF fold – an expensive affair – the future seemed bright, at least, for the next five years. If you are a fresh graduate or just started working (below five years) in the relevant sectors mentioned above, perhaps you can be a BNS worker soon. Especially if you are from the Manjung, Lumut and Sitiawan area.
Production vacancies.

Just don’t stay too long though, gained experience there and once you are confident find another one either locally or even overseas.

Anyhow, the deadline for the full takeover by MOF is just days away – December 31. One wonder whether they will be third time lucky, or it will only happen in the new year. I believed it will latter though. Better late than never.

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  1. Just make it a GLC like PT PAL amd make sure the order books are filled continuously….not once every 20-30 years

  2. It was already a GLC before, now its fully owned government company. PT PAL is not a GLC, it is a fully owned Indonesian company.

  3. Ah but 8nstead of fresh n inexperienced people, it should look for experienced staff especially in the important area of welding, electricians n engine fitters n artificiers. At least there mus5 be half experienced leading another half of fresh staff. BNS should be handed back to the TLDM instead of privatising or making it fully gov owned.
    TLDM can occupy its staff in MRO activities for its assets n APMM assets during non production phases n during project phases, tender out MRO to outside yards

  4. Oooo emmmm geee. I thought with all the talk by the BHIC ceo they already have the manpower. This is like starting from scratch. That means when the gov decided to go on with the project they dont have any clue that BNS did not have the capacity of building all ship simultaneously. Wow just wow. I think 2050 is the logical timeframe lol

  5. Since this will favor to RMN, why not just employed the ex services, that were known as subject matter expert. surely this ship will be delivered on time. is it?

  6. Its likely BNS will be put back into TLDM in the future, unless of course some crony managed to convince the politicians that they can do the job…

  7. just do jv or sell it to dearsan of turkish shipyard.
    That company have few shipyards around the world and has done a job building navy ships.

  8. IT cannot be foreign owned as it is located inside the RMN base. A JV is also doomed to fail if we continue the current shipbuilding plans.

  9. From bird’s eye view to the far right looks like LCS is built up to hull #4, and I think #5 are still in modules under the hangar. At least the progress looks gradual as compared to OPV where the status between OPV1 and 2&3 is much bigger gap.
    It beggars why nobody is pushing for RCI or PAC report about OPV late completion & delivery issues. Perhaps not politically juicy enough for any politician to push their agenda.

  10. I am sorry to say that BNS is actually THE REAL TOYOL HOUSE. Money came in lost in some weird cockamamie scheme. The most logical thing to do is some “damage control”. Either scrap it or dismantle the hull entirely. Hand it over to Naval Group & negotiate a fair price. Singapore is already upgrading their formidable class, Philippines set to acquire 2 new korean frigates & indonesia already laying keel for the arrowhead with design acquired from babcock. Did they know something we don’t? Buffing up their navies while we are stucked with this dingdong cheech & chong dilly dallying

  11. @Qamarul
    THHE also faced similar problems with OPV, is that due to BNS TOYOLS? Fact is, the failures are not solely due to BNS but a culmination from a lot of factors.

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