Digital Caps for the RMN

SHAH ALAM: Digital caps for the RMN. It appears that the RMN had issued digital flat caps as part of its digital camouflage which were introduced three years ago. Previously the navy light blue digital camo – known as the operational uniform – were worn with the beret.

The ball cap was part of the digital camo when introduced, however it has not seen widespread usage since then. It is unclear why the ball cap was not issued earlier but RMN Chief Adm. Reza Mohd Sany started wearing it during visits to operational units earlier this year.

Adm Reza sporting the digital cap during a visit to ESSCOM AOR with Armed Forces chief Gen. Zulkifeli Zainal Abidin. The navy officer on the left is wearing a command baseball cap. RMN

The mass usage of the digital cap was seen at the opening ceremony of Eks KerisMas at Kuantan this morning. As I was unable to make it to Kuantan this morning, I am using the pictures and article by Air Times for this post.

Adm Reza with the digital cap as well as others at the opening ceremony of Eks KerisMas. Air Times

From the pictures, it appears that the digital cap issued looked different from the ones that were made earlier.

Anyhow according to Air Times, that Eks KerisMas will also incorporate Eks TamingSari which will include missile firings, the MBDA Exocet MM40 Block II and the MBDA Sea Skua. It did not say which RMN ships will fire the missile though. It will be either one of the Lekiu class, KD Jebat and KD Lekiu or the Kasturi class corvettes, KD Kasturi and KD Lekir.

KD Kasturi launching the an Exocet missile during Eks Angsa 2014.

The Sea Skua will be fired from a Super Lynx, of course.

A RMN Super Lynx firing a Sea Skua missile. RMN

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