Mortar Gempita In The Wild

SHAH ALAM: Mortar Gempita in the Wild. The mortar variant of the Gempita or IFV Mortar Carrier – has been shown in public – via the Facebook page of the 12th RMR (Mechanised), of course. The Gempita Mortar carrier attached with the 19 RMR (Mechanised) took part in a live firing exercise at the Gemas range together with the 12th RMR in preparations for the Army Firing Exercise scheduled in late September, according to the post.

Gempita Mortar Carrier firing a mortar at the Gemas range. 12th RMR.

It is unclear whether the Gempita mortar carrier was conducting post-delivery trials as the post did not mentioned this. From the pictures from the post it is clear that the Gempita mortar carrier is fitted with the Thales 120mm 2R2M semi automatic mortar, the same one as fitted on the six-wheeled Adnan ACV-S variant, also in service with 12th RMR.

On the Way. Gempita Mortar carrier firing a 120mm round. 12th RMR

The first public firing of the ACV-S was conducted in 2017. Adnans from 12th RMR fitted with the 81mm mortar also took part at the exercise.It must be noted that both the mortar carrier and ambulance version were displayed for the first time locally when Defence Minister Mohammad Sabu visited the Deftech plant in Kuantan earlier this year. The official visit was not open to the media. It was unclear whether the vehicles had been delivered to the Army at that point or were still with the company when they were displayed for the minister.

12th RMR Adnan ACV-S variant also fired its weapon at the exercise. 12th RMR.

It is also unclear how many Gempita Mortar carrier has been delivered to the Army, from the eight ordered. It is likely 19th RMR, the first user of the 8X8 is also the first operator of this variant.

12th RMR Adnan mortar carriers at the Gemas range firing line. 12th RMR.

With the NBC variant already shown publicly, I believed there are only two variants left to be put into service with the Army. They are the fitter and recovery variants though I admit they could already be in service with the Army or under trials, as the service seemed to be media-shy off late.

Gempita NBCR vehicle

The recovery Gempita, I was told some time back, will be the last one to be put into service as the Army had already ordered two Volvo wrecker vehicles instead.

One of the two Volvo FMX heavy recovery truck

Anyhow it must be noted that there is only eight ACV-S variant of the Adnan in service with the Army so the Gempita mortar carrier is in good company. Will the Army more Gempita in the near future? Or even buy the South Korean version which could fit into the standard variant of the Adnan to replace the current version?

The South Korean 120mm mortar on board a KIFV. DAPA

As the South Korean one had just completed development, even if the Army is interested, it will take several years before it could start ordering it. And that is a big if.

— Malaysian Defence

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