More Eco-Friendly Training Grenades

An Estonian made environmental friendly training hand grenade - Sohni THG67. Picture used as illustration only.

SHAH ALAM: Back in September 2021, Malaysian Defence posted the story on the RFB for 20,000 eco-friendly training hand grenades (EFTHG). The LOA of RM2.8 million for the RFB was awarded to Prima Technology Sdn Bhd.

The MTO contract for the EFTHG was awarded to Multi Modal Freight Sdn Bhd for an LOA of RM1.19 million. This means the cost of shipping – also borne by tax-payers – of the training grenades was half the cost of buying them in the first place. As the MTO contract was issued last April, it is likely the training grenades – shipped from the Port of Hamburg in Germany – are already in service with the Army.

An Estonian made eco-friendly training hand grenade – Sohni THG67. Picture used as illustration only.

And it appears, that the Army seemed to like these EFTHG as it had issued another RFB for the supply and delivery for 30,000 units. With the fatal hand grenade incident last year, perhaps it is the right move.
Throwing – likely – a training grenade. BTDM

From the public portion of the specifications page:

There is a requirement to equip the Malaysian Army with Eco Friendly Training Hand Grenade (EFTHG) for training purpose. The EFTHG is intended for use to simulate realistic explosive effect during combat training. The sound effect, smoke and body blasting provide realistic training environment so that soldiers can get great confidence of handling live hand grenade. The EFTHG is made of naturally degradable materials for environmental protection that prevent pollution by fragments of the training hand grenade, even though the fragments are not recovered. It also has great safety characteristics because its fragmentation and flames would not cause any injury or harm even if it explodes close to the thrower

The M72 LAW at the Nammo stand at DSA 2018. The first ammo is the AT version while the second is the anti structure version. Picture used as illustration only.

Meanwhile, a Kuala Lumpur based company, Teguh Hiasan Sdn Bhd was awarded a RM41.2 million LOA for the supply and delivery of 1,500 light anti-structure weapon tender issued in August/September 2021. The MTO quotation notice to ship the weapons was issued MultiModal Freight Sdn Bhd with a LOA of RM900,250. The port of shipping was not published in the public portion of the specifications page.
The first public picture of the Romanian RPG launcher (the two nearest to the camera) being fired during Eks Kapak Jerai which was conducted from January 20 to 30 2024. 3 Division picture.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. These grenades actually do go bang and will be discarded which i guess is the reason why its made from clay & bioplastics. Hence the term eco grenade. I wonder if TDM would have account for number of lobs to number of explosions otherwise these becomes hazardous UXOs.

  2. So the 1500 units LAW/LSAW program in 2021 (already executed) and 780 units LAW program in 2024 is the different program. I thought the 780 units LAW tendered by MINDEF this year is the reduced number of cancelled program previously. The question is what the type of that 1500 LAW/LSAW that being ordered/delivered? Is that C90, M72 LAW or RPG-7 type?

  3. Just connecting the dots here…

    light anti-structure weapon contract

    – Teguh Hiasan Sdn Bhd RM5.2 million

    – Teguh Hiasan Sdn Bhd RM41.2 million for 1500 units.

    Same company = same weapons.

    Also we don’t have any M72 LAW in 2012…

    So if the 2012 light anti-structure weapon contract was for C90 to Teguh Hiasan Sdn Bhd; then the 2023 contract for 1500 units should logically be for C90 too.

    Now there is an additional tender for 780 C90 explicitly for anti-tank version.

  4. I take that back

    Seems that M72 was used in Lahad datu in 2013…

    So if 2012 light anti-structure weapon contract to Teguh Hiasan Sdn Bhd was really for M72, then the 1500 unit contract should be for M72 too.

  5. Another question Mr. Marhalim.

    If the 1500 units LAW that ordered in 2021 is really M72, thats mean this is the 3rd batch of M72 purchased right. If I’m not mistaken we already received M72 LAW in two batch – late 2015 and 2017.

    Plus the new ordered for the 780 units of Spanish made Instalanza C90 LAW in 2024 thats a lot of bang for our infantry.

  6. … – “ Seems that M72 was used in Lahad datu in 2013”

    A pic taken by me at the army’s anniversary exhibition of a M-72 ASM [used at Lahad Dato] was posted here by Marhalim years ago. The 1st order was in 2012 and was reported as such by Tempur.

  7. Looking at the eco friendly practise grenade, it should be water n moisture proof. Better than the Thunderflash used during my time

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