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More Eco-Friendly Training Grenades

SHAH ALAM: Back in September 2021, Malaysian Defence posted the story on the RFB for 20,000 eco-friendly training hand grenades (EFTHG). The LOA of RM2.8 million for the RFB was awarded to Prima Technology Sdn Bhd. The MTO contract for the EFTHG was awarded to Multi Modal Freight Sdn Bhd […]

Defence Contract

Spanish LAW RFB

SHAH ALAM: The Defence Ministry has published a request for bids for the supply and delivery of the light anti-tank weapon (LAW) C90 for the Army. The RFB for the Spanish made Instalanza C90 LAW is for 780 units. This will be the biggest anti-tank weapon purchase in recent memory. […]

Defence Contract

More New Stuff for The Army, October 2022

SHAH ALAM: The Army has taken delivery of more new equipment – mostly trucks and support weapons – at a ceremony held today. Among the trucks delivered are three Scania prime movers, described as Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck- Multi Cargo Palletised System (HEMTT); 10 Iveco five-tonners and 40 Hilux […]

Defence Contract

MTO Tenders From Goose Rounds to Boat Trailers

SHAH ALAM: MTO tenders from Goose rounds to Boat Trailers. In the last week before Hari Raya, the Eperolehan website issued separate tenders for Goose and RPG rounds, 155mm round electronic time fuses, shipping for Unifil trucks and boat trailers. The 84mm recoilless rifle rounds (HE) will be shipped from […]

Defence Contract

More Whoop As.. Stuff, Part…

SHAH ALAM: More whoop a.. stuff, Part… It appears that the Army will be getting an undisclosed number of portable rocket launchers from Serbia and rocket propelled grenades from Romania. This was revealed when the Defence Ministry issued two tenders for multi-modal transport operators to transport the launchers from Serbia […]

Tentera Darat

More Goose and RPG Ammo

SHAH ALAM: More Goose and RPG rounds. The Army is getting more rounds for its Saab Carl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifles and the RPG-7s with the Defence Ministry today publishing the request for bids for both items on the e-Perolehan website. The deadline for both RFB is 22 September. The […]


LMG, Sniper Rifles, Mortars and LAW

SHAH ALAM: LMG, Sniper rifles, mortars and LAW. On the same day, the Defence Minister said that STRIDE was developing 12.7mm sniper rifles and 120mm mortar, the Army published tenders for mortars, light machine guns (LMG), sniper rifles (12.7mm and 7.62mm) and light anti tank weapons. The mortars according to […]

Malaysian Army

New Training Device for The Army

SHAH ALAM: The Army is getting a new training device which is the RPG-7 sub calibre training system. This was revealed by the Defence Ministry by issuing a tender for a multi-modal transport operator (MTO) to ship back these devices. Note that the sub calibre device replicates the firing of […]