LMG, Sniper Rifles, Mortars and LAW

SHAH ALAM: LMG, Sniper rifles, mortars and LAW. On the same day, the Defence Minister said that STRIDE was developing 12.7mm sniper rifles and 120mm mortar, the Army published tenders for mortars, light machine guns (LMG), sniper rifles (12.7mm and 7.62mm) and light anti tank weapons.

The mortars according to the specifications:

There is a requirement to equip infantry 81 mm Mortar Platoon with 81 mm Mortar System. It shall be employed to neutralize or destroy area or point targets screen large areas with smoke, and provide illumination for night operations. The Infantry 81 mm motar Platoon’s mission is to provide close and immediate indirect fire support for maneuver companies or battalion, in any phase of battle and type of terrain. The 81 mm Mortar System shall automate the entire 81 mm Platoon fire mission process which consist of Mobile Fire Controller (MFC), Mortar Command Post (MCP), Mortar Section and also coordinating fire with the artillery through Mortar Fire Control System (MFCS). To increase its mobility in operation, the 81 mm Mortar Platoon shall be equipped with Mortar Transporter

Denel 81mm mortar system. Denel

Based on the specifications, apart from the mortar and its fire control system -72 units – the bidder must also include a mortar transporter or vehicle. As it is I am assuming that the vehicle is used to transport the mortar to the field, where it is dismounted for a firing position. As the bidder must supply the mortar and its accessories with a vehicle, the company which can work or already a subsidiary of a company bidding for the weapons vehicle or one-tonne cargo vehicles will be in an advantage for this tender.

10th Para Brigade Pathfinders company leading the parade at the 2019 Merdeka Parade. Note the two soldiers carrying the FN Minimis.


There is requirement to equipped infantry section with 5.56 mm LMG that provides immediate and continuous fire support in offensive and defensive phase. The size, weight and sustainability in provide fire support justify it suitability to remain as a section support weapon. It shall be operated by single operator in all types of operation”.

The number being sought is 240 units. The FN Minimi is the standard LMG operated by the Army so it will start as the favourite, of course. Cheaper variants from South Korea and Indonesia could be selected instead, if offered of course.

Soldiers carrying RPG during the 2018 Merdeka Parade. PDRM picture

In a previous post, I wrote that the Army will recapitalise its Carl Gustav recoilless rifle stock. However, the wording on the advertisement – the header stated Light Anti Tank Weapon – Rocket Propelled Grenade is really ambiguous, so I am not sure that the tender is to get new CGs. There is a more detailed specifications available though I don’t have access to that. Anyhow, the units being sought is 150.

There is requirement for light anti-tank grenade launcher as section anti-tank weapon to counter enemy armour threats in offensive and defensive phases of war. Currently there are six anti-armour weapons held by Anti-Armour Platoon and it is insufficient and leaves gaps in the anti-armour capabilities especially at the section level. Light anti-tank grenade launcher shall provide layer of anti-armour. It also has significant importance during Operation in Built Up Area (OBUA) and Small Unit Operation (SUO)

It may well be that the Army is looking to buy more RPGs or M72 LAWs.

A sniper team from 4th Mech. Brigade equipped with a scrambler motorcycle.

Sniper Rifles

The number of sniper rifles being sought is 40 for 12.7mm and 28 for 7.62mm rifles.

Specifications for 7.62mm rifle

The employment of snipers is generally an extension of normal military operations where they can be employed both, through conventional and unconventional means. With the large and wide frontage faced by ground commanders, the employment of snipers has proven their worth to fill up the gaps to dominate and carry out offensive tasks. The mere presence of a sniper in the area instils fear in the enemy. It influences the enemy’s decision and actions thereby assisting the ground commanders to maintain their offensive posture. In counter terrorist operations like releasing of hostages which usually takes place in urban areas where civilian lives are involved, the employment of snipers to eliminate terrorist is one of the options available. As such the first shot hit probability cannot be compromised.

The last line likely indicates that the Army wants a bolt action rifle which generally regarded to have better accuracy than semi-automatic sniper rifle. Anyhow most armies do field bolt action rifle for the sniper role with semi auto rifles for the designated marksman rifle like the currently fielded Colt CM901 rifles.

An Army sniper with his weapons, an M4A1 and Accuracy International sniper rifle.

As for the 12.7mm rifles Or .50 BMG

There is a requirement to equip the Infantry Sniper with a long-range precision semi-automatic Sniper Rifle that is designed for use against strategic military equipment (materiel) such as radar, missiles platform, logistics dumps, parked air craft and Command and Control vehicle in the range not less than 1800 m with aimed fires. The rifle shall also be used in the long-range anti personal role from stand-off range or when targets are behind the cover. It shall be able to engage multiple and opportunity targets in quick succession.

For 7.62mm rifles, the Army are mostly equipped with various versions of the Accuracy International sniper rifles while for the 12.7mm it is mostly the Barrets of various models.

GGK personnel displaying their weapons. The nearest is the Barret M95 12.7mm anti material rifle.

— Malaysian Defence

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