When It Rains It Pours

SHAH ALAM: When it rains it pours AKA Army Recapitalisation Programme, Part 2. If anyone think that I was off my rockers with the Army Recapitalisation Programme posts, let it be known that it is the real deal.

Yes, its not like the Army is buying MBTs or new Gempitas but as an Army moves on its stomach, replacing old stuff from trucks to boats are also a big deal, though less sexy, I must admit.

The advertisement of the tenders.

On Thursday (Oct. 3, 2019), the Defence Ministry issued tenders for buses, heavy expanded tactical mobility trucks (HEMTT), gun towers and one tonne general services cargo trucks (see above).
A CS Support RA regiment gun tower and 105mm gun in action recently. BTDM

Based on the tender documents, the Army is looking for 10 44-seat buses, three HEMTT, 36 gun towers and 150 one tonne trucks.
A GK-M1 gun tower with an Oto Melara 105mm pack howitzer at Merdeka Day parade rehersal in August.

The 36 gun towers are to tow 105mm guns for the Close Support Royal Artillery Regiments. In around 2010, the Army bought unknown number of Uro Vamtacs to replace the 6X6 Pinzagauers. Within the last few years, the Army also bought an unknown number of Weststar GK-MK1 as gun towers.
Uro Vamtacs from 10th Para Royal Artillery Regiment. BTDM

With a large number of GK-M1 already in service as gun towers, weapon carriers, fitted for radio and all sorts of others, it is likely the Army will standardised its vehicles to this type even with the tender exercise. Basically what had happened with the Land Rover in the past. It is interesting to note however that other government agencies have yet to choose the Weststar vehicle for their own fleet.
The Weststar GK-M1 weapon carrier vehicle fitted with the M134D Gatling gun. The GK-M1 is expected to be offered for the tender exercises issued by the Defence Ministry within the last two months.

As for HEMTT this is basically a prime mover to pull a trailer carrying containers, water tanks and also armoured vehicles. The Army bought a number of the AMDAC Roman for this role in the late 90s but I have not seen them recently. Its likely the tender is to replace these vehicles, if they are no longer serviceable or supplement them if they are still in service.

A Mercedes Benz Actros TTMS vehicle with the Faun trackway at the recent Merdeka parade. The TTMS lays the roadway on boggy ground to help engineers to lay military bridge over rivers and other obstacles.

Last month, the Army also advertised the tenders for three Tactical Mobility Support System trucks meant to support its bridging units. The tender was published shortly after the tenders for the ATGW and fire support vehicles came out.
The TMSS laying its trackway for a bridging exercise. BTDM

I was told that the tenders for the vehicles above are one of the biggest for the Army in a long time after it had concentrated on other things like the Gempita. The numbers being procured are small but it is expected to continue into the near future so more new vehicles are expected to be in service soon. As for the sexy stuff, as I said previously said those have to wait for the next RMK.

— Malaysian Defence

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