Deftech MRAP/AV4 is Confirmed, Unofficially

SHAH ALAM: IN my post Five Things We Are Getting in RMK11, it was stated that the Deftech MRAP/AV4 would also likely to make the list. And unofficially it has been confirmed that the Army is getting the Thai-designed vehicle.

In my original report, I called the vehicle as Deftech MRAP but I was informed recently that Deftech had renamed as the AV4.

Janes is now reporting that “Thai firm Chaiseri Metal & Rubber has won a contract from the Malaysian government to supply 4×4 multipurpose armoured vehicles to the Malaysian Army, it has been confirmed to IHS Jane’s . The contract represents one of Thailand’s largest known military export programmes.

Deftech MRAP as seen at the Deftech plant in Pekan late 2014. Malaysian Defence
Deftech MRAP as seen at the Deftech plant in Pekan late 2014. Malaysian Defence

Karn Hirankul, general director of Chaiseri, said on 7 September that the on-order vehicles would be modified versions of Chaiseri’s 4×4 ‘First Win’ vehicle, which is in operation by the Royal Thai Army and Thailand’s Ministry of Justice’s Department of Special Investigation. In Malaysia the vehicles will be known as AV4.. The full story here.

Of course, Janes was following up on the story which first appeared back here, which originally came out in 2013 but was updated on Aug 27, 2015! Regular reader D.W posted that story in the comments section.

As everyone here remained tight-lipped about the contract, I guess we have to take the word of the Thai fellow for the time being. But since Janes is reporting about the contract, I guess I will not be accused of making up stories.

If confirmed, it will likely see the end of the effort Pindad to sell its Anoa 6X6 APC to the Army.

Deftech MRAP at DSA 2014. Malaysian Defence.
Deftech MRAP at DSA 2014. Malaysian Defence.

So what about the offset deal? As I had reported previously, Malaysian made M4 Carbines. But what about Colt LLC bankruptcy then? Not much really as the new company will of course backed the Malaysian-Thai deal.

The only fly in the ointment is the Malaysian ringgit slide…

— Malaysian Defence

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