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PUTD AW109 in Desert Camouflage

SHAH ALAM: Air Times – a website concentrating on national issues with strong defence and national security feelers – has published a picture of a PUTD AgustaWestland AW109 being painted in desert camouflage. I contacted Air Times to ask permission to reproduce the picture here and it was duly granted. […]

Malaysia - RMAF

20th Anniversary of Fulcrum Service

SHAH ALAM: A ceremony was held to mark the 20th anniversary of the Fulcrum service in RMAF at the Kuantan air base on Friday. As usual the ceremony was by invitation only. The 20th year anniversary was not only a milestone but as the question remains over the plane’s retirement, […]

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Yemen: Are We on The Verge?

SHAH ALAM: I know I have been writing about this several times in the past but it’s look like the crunch is on us. I have written previously that Malaysia will only take part in operations in Yemen as part of a UN peace keeping force. However it’s looking likely […]

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Malaysia- MMEA

Aselsan SMASH RWS for NGPC?

SHAH ALAM: According to a press release, Turkish company Aselsan claimed it had secured a contract to supply its SMASH 30mm RWS for integration with 44 metre boats being built for the Malaysian Armed Forces. The release dated Sept 9, is published in Turkish (without any English translation) but the […]

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Malaysia -RMN

ASW Patrol Boat

SHAH ALAM: Even with the two Perdana Menteri class submarines, the RMN ASW capabilities remained limited with only the upcoming LCS having proper submarine hunting suites . With a limited SLEP for the Lekiu class and none for the Kedah class, RMN will be facing a future without much ASW […]

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More Details on the Starstreak deal

SHAH ALAM: More details have emerged of the Starstreak SAM deal which was signed in July at the current DSEI show in London. It appears that we bought the same set-up as the Indonesian armed forces back in 2014, though it is likely that the numbers between the two services […]

Malaysia - RMAF

MRCA: Kuwait Chooses Typhoon

SHAH ALAM: THE Eurofighter Consortium announced today that the Sultanate of Kuwait has selected 28 Typhoons for its Air Force. Industry sources in Europe however said that they expect Kuwait will also order a similar number of Boeing Super Hornets to recapitalise its fighter force. Kuwait is expected to order […]

Malaysian Army

New Colt Rifle for the Army

SHAH ALAM: The Army has officially inducted the third firearm from Colt into service, the Colt M4 Carbine R0977 Heavy Barrel. The HB variant will not see widespread service, however, as it was procured specifically for the Army’s shooting team. No numbers are available but it will be around two […]