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SHAH ALAM: AS you might be aware the Army is getting more Dillon M134D mini-guns for its units. The mini guns are now arming the Army Air Wing AW109s, Lipan Bara MRAP and also possibly the upgraded Condors.

This is what Dillon – the manufacturer says about the gun.

The Dillon Aero M134D is one of the most reliable weapons in the world, given its capacity, simplicity in loading, and ease of maintenance. Designed for speed and accuracy, the M134D is a true force multiplier. The rapidity of shooting is of the utmost importance: only guns as rapid as the M134D can achieve the extreme shot density needed to suppress multiple targets in compressed periods of time. Additionally, the M134D is virtually free of recoil.

Proof of concept Condor upgrade fitted with a turret armed with a Dillon M134D mini-gun displayed at DSA 2016.

When properly mounted, it moves slightly aft with the first shot, without any tendency to pitch or yaw. This stability is vital, in that it significantly assists in the aiming on and retention of a target. High rates of fire, extremely dense shot grouping, and high weapon stability demonstrate the perfect pairing of swiftness and precision.

Najib firing the mini-gun from the PUTD AW109 helicopter in May this year. H20 Comms picture

Yes its a mouthful so we have here Ian from Forgotten Weapons to tell us all about the mini-gun with a detailed explaination about the technical aspect of the weapon.

It is a truly awe-inspiring weapon, and quite an experience to fire! In addition to destroying a truck with it, we will look at disassembly and functioning of the minigun – the delinking mechanism is really the most complex part of the weapon, and a very interesting device.

A Lipan Bara MRAP armed with a Dillon M134D mini-gun at the Army chief farewell parade on Dec 9. 2016. BTDM picture.

— Malaysian Defence

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