Defence Contract

Last Post For The Landys?

SHAH ALAM: Last post for the Landys? It appears that the Land Rover Defender days with the Malaysian Army is near the end. The writing is on the wall as the Defence Ministry has issued another tender for the procurement of 151 one-tonne general services cargo 4X4 vehicles. The tender […]

Defence Contract

When It Rains It Pours

SHAH ALAM: When it rains it pours AKA Army Recapitalisation Programme, Part 2. If anyone think that I was off my rockers with the Army Recapitalisation Programme posts, let it be known that it is the real deal. Yes, its not like the Army is buying MBTs or new Gempitas […]

Malaysian Army

Mobility Programme of the Army

SHAH ALAM: Mobility programme. It appears that the Army is embarking on a mobility programme that could be the start of recapitalisation of its vehicles fleet and perhaps even of its whole asset including weapons. As the Army has been shy to share its modernisation plans unlike the RMN and […]