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Black Hawks For Nuri Replacements?

SHAH ALAM: Black Hawks for Nuri replacements? Back in 2015, we were told by the-then Defence Minister that the RMAF will be getting four Black Hawk S-70 helicopters gifted from Brunei. That news were tempered somewhat when it was revealed later that the Black Hawks were not to be gifted […]

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Fennec Emergency Landing

SHAH ALAM: Fennec emergency landing. An Airbus AS 555 SN Fennec light twin engine helicopter from Squadron 502 of th RMN air wing made an emergency landing during a routine flight at the Lumut naval base today (June 28, 2021). A release from the RMN base stated that the crew […]

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Iveco Gun Towers

SHAH ALAM: Iveco gun towers. It appears that the Army is getting 36 gun towers mostly likely manufactured by Iveco in Italy or the whereabouts. That is the assumption I am making from the information provided by the MTO tender to ship back the vehicles back here. There is no […]

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CAMM-ER Completes Trials

SHAH ALAM: CAMM-ER complete trials. MBDA has successfully completed a firing of the CAMM-ER air defence missile against a manoeuvring target, confirming the excellent capability of the CAMM family system. The trial took place at an Italian firing range. From MBDA: CAMM-ER is the extended range member of the new-generation […]

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Barrets, Expal and FCS

SHAH ALAM: Barrets, Expal and FCS. Back in the carefree days of October 2019, I wrote about the Army looking to buy mortars, light machine guns (LMG), sniper rifles (12.7mm and 7.62mm) and light anti tank weapons. Fast forward to this week we already know what light anti-tank weapons we […]

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Game On, FLIT-LCA Tender Out

SHAH ALAM: Game on FLIT-LCA tender out. The Defence Ministry today published the request for bids for the supply and delivery of 18 Fighter-Lead In Trainer and Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) for RMAF. The international tender closes on September 22. As usual not much details were made public apart from […]

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More Whoop As.. Stuff, Part…

SHAH ALAM: More whoop a.. stuff, Part… It appears that the Army will be getting an undisclosed number of portable rocket launchers from Serbia and rocket propelled grenades from Romania. This was revealed when the Defence Ministry issued two tenders for multi-modal transport operators to transport the launchers from Serbia […]

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More FFR Vehicles For The Army

SHAH ALAM: More FFR vehicles for the Army. Last week, Malaysian Defence wrote about the end of the Land Rover Defenders in Army service and it appears that it may well be the same fate for the Weststar GK-M1 Fitted For Radio (FFR) vehicles. The GK-M1 FFR vehicles have only […]

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MI Looking For New UAS

SHAH ALAM: The Army’s Military Intelligence (MI) battalion is looking to purchase an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) -fixed hybrid VTOL AV – to fulfill the surveillance role. An advertisement for the UAS was published today and closes on July 8 (a 21 period). According to the RFB the winning tenderer […]

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Third LMS, KD Panah?

SHAH ALAM: Third LMS, KD Panah? The third LMS of the RMN, pennant number 113, may well be named KD Panah, based on a RFB issued by the Defence Ministry. The RFB is for the supply and installation of satellite TV spare parts, anemometer and AIS for PC ships ex […]