MI Looking For New UAS

Schiebel Camcopter VTOL drone. MDIO is already operating the type. Schiebel

SHAH ALAM: The Army’s Military Intelligence (MI) battalion is looking to purchase an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) -fixed hybrid VTOL AV – to fulfill the surveillance role. An advertisement for the UAS was published today and closes on July 8 (a 21 period).

According to the RFB the winning tenderer must supply the UAS in “less than two months after the contract was awarded. The bidder will suppply three air vehicles, a simulator and a ground control system fitted to a vehicle.

An Alti hybrid UAS from South Africa. Used as illustration only. Alti

The Military Intelligence Battalion (MI Bn) requires a highly reliable surveillance Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to fulfill its role and task. The UAS will be used to obtain real time and accurate tactical intelligence information and capable to provide live feed to the commander that requires the information. The real time information provided by the UAS is essential for the commander to plan and execute his mission effectively during day and night operations. Operational requirements are as follows: a. The UAS shall be deployed in various operational environments, including in hostile territories. b. The UAS shall be able to be used for day and night operations.

Some of the technical specifications:
One (1) set of UAS comprising the following: (a) Three (3) x Fixed Wing Hybrid VTOL AV. (b)Three (2) x Portable Ground Control Station (GCS). (c) Three (3) x Payload. (d) Three (3) x Data Link System. (e) One (1) x Command Vehicle. (f) One (1) x Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Simulator. (g) One(1) x UAS Data Storage Management. (h) One (1) x Portable Security Awareness Equipment

(1) Fixed Wing Hybrid VTOL AV. (a)Propulsion. It shall be equipped with Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engine.(b) Fuel. It shall be petrol RON 95 and above. (c) Dimension. i. Length. It shall be not more than four (4) m. ii. Wing Span. It shall be not more than six (6) m. (d) All Up Weight. The Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) shall be at least 15 kg. (e) Performance: i. Operational radius shall be more than 50 km from GCS. ii. Data link range shall be more than 50 km LOS from GCS. iii. Endurance shall be at least five (5) hours for a single flight.iv. Cruising speed shall be not less than 70 km/h. v. Operating ceiling shall be not less than 4,000 ft Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL). vi. Noise level shall be totally inaudible at a distance of 1000 m.

An Altis hybrid VTOL UAV with its GCS vehicle. Used for illustration only. Alti

As you are aware the MI is already operating the Schiebel Camcopter UAS – likely with three air vehicles and a ground control station. It is likely the new UAS is to complement the Camcopters and other commercial UAVs in service.

Schiebel Campcopter S-100 VTUAV of the MI/BSPP. The system has been deployed to ESSCOM.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Good to hear we are getting more into the UAS game – somewhat belatedly – long after almost every regional army has a UAS capability and when even some non state actors have a better capability than the army.

    In the not too distance future; it’s hoped that the army will be able to integrate UASs with arty and MLRS units; for target detection and general surveillance. Many are fixated with long range and firepower but unobserved targets first have to be located; observed in real time and engaged in time sensitive situations.

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