More FFR Vehicles For The Army

SHAH ALAM: More FFR vehicles for the Army. Last week, Malaysian Defence wrote about the end of the Land Rover Defenders in Army service and it appears that it may well be the same fate for the Weststar GK-M1 Fitted For Radio (FFR) vehicles.

The GK-M1 FFR vehicles have only been in service within the last five years and it appears that the Army wants to replace them with newer ones together with the Defender FFRs based on an RFB issued on 17 June.

A Land Rover Defender FFR and another Landy out on patrol in Lebanon. JFC

The 21-day RFB which closes on 8 July call for the supply and delivery of 153 1-tonne FFR vehicles. I have no idea how many FFR GK-M1s and Defenders remained in service with the Army but 153 seemed a large number for a specialised vehicle type. One can safely assumed with some 200 new FFR vehicles in service, the old ones will be retired. The other 40 new FFR vehicles should include the ones contracted to Cendana Auto from the RFB in 2019. Due to various reasons I had to KIVed the earlier post on Cendana Auto however.
The then Army Chief Jen. Zulkiple checking the interior of the GK-M1 FFR vehicle in 2017.

The latest RFB for FFR vehicle as usual lack many technical details apart from the numbers and the basic general specifications which stated:

There is a requirement for the Malaysian Army (MA) to be equipped with a modern Truck 1 Ton Fitted for Radio (FFR) vehicle.The vehicle is capable of providing reliable voice and data communications continuously for Command and Control(C2) purposes in all type of operations. The vehicle shall be powerful, rugged and highly mobile to sustain battlefield environment. It shall be mounted with in-service communication equipment and able to support Network Centric Operation (NCO) requirement. It shall meet with Malaysian Military environment

It must be noted that the RFB is for the Army Mobility Phase III programme as the ones published in Malaysian Defence recently.

Mobile X-band link fitted on Land Cruiser Prados part of the NCO system.

The NCO requirement however do tell us that they need a much bigger vehicle than the GK-M1. The vehicles procured specially for the NCO was the Land Cruiser Prado.

— Malaysian Defence

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