Mobility Programme of the Army

SHAH ALAM: Mobility programme. It appears that the Army is embarking on a mobility programme that could be the start of recapitalisation of its vehicles fleet and perhaps even of its whole asset including weapons. As the Army has been shy to share its modernisation plans unlike the RMN and RMAF (not detailed) I am guessing that we will get them by drips, if we even get them.

As for the Mobility programme, I have nothing more on it apart from the advertisements on the Defence Ministry etender page. As usual as I do not have access to the tender documents, I am not purview to numbers or exact requirements of the vehicles being sought.

The advertisement for the Mobility II programme.

The first two advertisements – dated 27 Aug. 2019 and closing on 15 September – are for weapon equipped vehicles – one for Anti Tank Guided Weapon (ATGW) and the other for automatic grenade launcher. They are seeking 24 4X4 vehicles that could be fitted with the ATGW, AGL, HMG and also the 106mm recoiless rifle, for the 10th Para Brigade.

Metis-M ATGM on the way at the 2017 Firepower exercise.

The other two are for motorcycles (10) and scramblers (186, the first one for the military police and the other is for scramblers, used by various units.

A sniper team from 4th Mech. Brigade equipped with a scrambler motorcycle.

Interestingly the four advertisements stated that the vehicles are intended for the Mobility II programme while another tender for 40 1-ton Fitted For Radio (FFR) advertisement – dated 22 Aug and closing on Sept. 15 – stated that it was for the Mobility III programme.For details of the Mobility Programme Phases go here.

The latest Army signals vehicle is the GK-M1 from Weststar. RSD picture

Anyhow back in the 1990s, some of the infantry battalions were equipped with G-wagons equipped with ATGW (Metis M) , 12.7mm machineguns and AGL. In the last few years, the Army also bought a number of vehicles equipped with weapons – Uro Vamtac (10th Para) and the Weststar GK-M1 weapons carrier.

A G-Wagon fitted with an AGL during the exhibition held at Port Dickson for the 2018 Army Day.

As for the FFR, previously, the Army used the Land Rovers which are now being replaced by the GK-M1. Again I am not sure whether this means that the Army are standardising to the GK-M1 vehicles but due to the government new open tender policy they have to open it to the others as well.

A GK-M1 weapon vehicle, equipped with a 12.7mm machine gun. BTDM

Hopefully I will get more clarity in the near future.

* updated with number of vehicles sought.

–Malaysian Defence

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