Adnan And MIFV Upgrade In RMK12

SHAH ALAM: Adnan and MIFV Upgrade In RMK12. It appears that the Army proposal to upgrade its Kenderaan Jenis A (KJA-Type A Vehicles – armoured) – the Adnan and MIFV – have been approved and will be funded in the next RMK, starting in 2021.

One aim of the upgrade programme is the standardisation of these two variants , basically an M113 armoured vehicle of Turkey and South Korean origins. This will likely reduce the logistical footprint of the vehicles, lowering operational costs as both vehicles could be operated by a single unit. Most of the MIFV remaining in service are operated by the 14th RMR based at the Sirajudin camp in Gemas. The Adnans are mostly operated by mechanised batallions under the 4th Mechanised Brigade based in Kuantan.

Two MIFVs on parade several years back. Note the full cover on the turret. Most of the MIFV in service are operated by 14th RMR.

The programme will be funded starting from 2021, the start of RMK12, when the Gempita contract is completed. I was told that the various configurations for the upgrade are being finalised with various companies offering stand alone and turnkey solutions for the programme.

An Adnan 81mm mortar carrier with 12.7mm HMG.

This will be both a capability and life extension programme as both vehicles will have to serve until 2035.

An Adnan with the 25mm Sharpshooter turret.

An open tender is likely to be held for the new capabilities and add-ons as mandated by the programme’s office. It is likely though that Deftech facility in Pekan would be conducting the upgrade work, testing and commissioning of the vehicles. It will not make economic sense, if they want to build a new facility to do a programme that’s likely to cover two RMKs especially with the money allocated for it.

Adnans from 12th RMR with the sole 14th RMR MIFV (right).

Apart from the Adnan/MIV upgrade, the Army in RMK12 will also embark on another KJA programme but that’s for another day.

– Malaysian Defence.

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