Malaysian Army

Urban Warfare Training Centre Inaugurated

SHAH ALAM: Army chief Jen. Zulkiple Kassim today inaugurated the Operation in Built Up Area (OBUA) training facility at the service’s combat training centre (Pulada) at Kem Ulu Tiram, Johor. The OBUA facility was built at the southern firing range of Pulada. The new facility was dubbed the Zulkiple’s Urban […]

Malaysian Defence

MRSS and MPA, Really?

PENANG: It appears that the government had approved plans for the long delayed MRSS program for the navy and the MPA for air force. With the approval, Defence Ministry can now finalise the technical requirements for both programs before it could proceed to decide whether to hold an open tender […]


RM50 Million For SF, 2018 Budget

PENANG: As stated in the previous post, the Defense Ministry was hoping that the Special Forces will get an extra allocation from the 2018 budget. It appears that they had. Prime Minister DS Najib Razak when announcing the 2018 budget stated that an allocation of RM50 million will be given […]

Malaysian Army

Transforming The Army

SHAH ALAM: Transforming the army, sort off. It appears that Weststar Defence is continuing delivery of the latest variants of its GK-MK1 tactical vehicles to the Army. This was revealed following a visit by Army chief Jen Zulkiple Kassim to the headquarters of 4 Divisyen in Kuala Lumpur on Oct. […]

Malaysian Defence

Setting The Bar

SHAH ALAM: Setting the Bar. Prime Minister DS Najib Razak is scheduled to present the 2018 Budget this Friday (Oct. 27). With a general election to be held by June, next year, many are expecting there will be many goodies for the electorate. As it is I am not expecting […]

Malaysia -RMN

Chief Harry Melan Dies

SHAH ALAM: Chief. RMN’s oldest veteran, Lt (rtd) Melan Suradi passed away at the KPJ Johor Specialist Centre, Johor Bahru, early this morning (Oct 20, 2017. RMN in a statement says Melan, 95, died of old age. From the New Straits Times. The country lost the oldest surviving naval sailor, […]

Malaysian Defence

SAE Gone Foreign

SHAH ALAM: Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE) the maintenance provider for RMAF fleet of four A400Ms has been fully acquired by Airbus it was announced on Oct. 12, 2017. The release. Sepang Aircraft Engineering (SAE), an MRO centre based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, partially owned by Airbus since 2011, has become […]

Malaysia- MMEA

Keel Laying Ceremony for MMEA OPV

SHAH ALAM: The keel laying ceremony for the first out of three MMEA OPV is expected to be held this December. It will be held at the THHE-Destini shipyard in Pulau Indah, in Port Klang. Industry sources told Malaysian Defence steel cutting for the first OPV is already underway in […]

Malaysian Army

Condor Re-Manufacturing Program

SHAH ALAM: The Condors deployed to the Malaysian unit in UNIFIL – Malbat 850-5 – will be shipped home in batches to undergo refurbishment and upgrades. Armed Forces Chief Gen Raja Affandi Raja Muhammed Nor says the Armored Re-manufacturing Program (ARP) will allow the Condors to continue serving the Army […]