Urban Warfare Training Centre Inaugurated

SHAH ALAM: Army chief Jen. Zulkiple Kassim today inaugurated the Operation in Built Up Area (OBUA) training facility at the service’s combat training centre (Pulada) at Kem Ulu Tiram, Johor. The OBUA facility was built at the southern firing range of Pulada.

The new facility was dubbed the Zulkiple’s Urban Combat Village (ZuCOV) in honour of the Army chief, the service says in a statement. ZuCOV was completely funded by the Australian Army as part of the Defence Cooperation Programme between Australia and Malaysia.

Zulkiple (with red beret, centre) in a group photo at the OBUA facility

Zulkiple later told reporters that soldiers need to be trained in urban warfare as it was different from jungle warfare which the Army excels in.

Soldiers conducting a demonstration at the OBUA facility.

Someone posted on Twitter that the OBUA facility was the first in Malaysia and Asia. He is probably correct on the Malaysian angle though as for Asia…well there is another more sophisticated one just across the straits.

Jen Zulkiple watching soldiers conducting training at the OBUA facility.

Based on the pictures from the Army the facility is a very basic one, fashioned together out of shipping containers. Hopefully this will be the start of something better.

Soldiers demonstrating a breaching exercise at the OBUA facility.

Anyhow, it appears that the Army is serious in modernising its training facilities though it is obvious the lack of financing is a big stumbling block to its aspirations. While field training is continuing the lack of an open live training facility where all the elements of the Army could trained together meant that new theories and ideas could not be fully tested.

A Filipino scout ranger sniper taking aim in Marawi. This is a real urban warfare. Facebook.

Recently, the Army opened its simulated training facility at its Simulation centre at Kem Sirajuddin in Gemas. Hopefully the new facilities will be further upgraded in the future while new ones are also set up.

— Malaysian Defence

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