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Saab Delivers Second GlobalEye

SHAH ALAM: Saab today announced that it had delivered the second GlobalEye Swing Role Surveillance System to the United Arab Emirates. This follows Saab’s delivery of the first GlobalEye aircraft in April 2020 to the United Arab Emirates, which has ordered three GlobalEye aircraft. The initial contract was signed in […]


Multi Purpose Boats for RMN

SHAH ALAM: The RMN is looking to purchase three multipurpose boats for the Eastern Fleet Command as part of the ongoing Op Benteng operations. The request for bids was published by the eperolehan website yesterday and its opened to local suppliers and shipbuilders. The RFB specifically stated that the bidders […]

Malaysian Defence

Another MPA Programme?

SHAH ALAM: It appears that another maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) programme is likely to be tender out – no time frame yet – to meet the requirements of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). I havent got much details on the requirements apart from that the MMEA is looking for […]

Defence Contract

More Kaboom Stuff, Part…

SHAH ALAM: It appears that more ammo – kaboom – stuff are on the way to their local users, army and navy – based on the request of bids for multi modal transport operators (MTO) to ship the stuff back here. This time the orders included 30mm cannon ammo – […]

Malaysia- MMEA

Eight FICs for the MMEA

SHAH ALAM: The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) today took delivery of seven fast interceptor craft (FIC) ordered for the on-going Op Benteng. Another one will be delivered this October. The FICs – costing RM6.3 million – will be primarily used in MMEA operations in the Strait of Malacca. The […]

Defence Contract

Greece Orders 18 Rafales

SHAH ALAM: Greece orders 18 Dassault Rafales as part of the country’s military modernisation programme as it face tensions with Turkey over the latter’s plans for oil and gas exploration in a disputed part of the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from the Rafales, Greece will also upgrade 10 of its Mirage […]

Tentera Darat

Army Getting More Units in Sabah

SHAH ALAM: Army getting more units. The Army is getting more units in Sabah – one infantry brigade, three infantry battalions, three artillery regiments, one armor regiment and one Air Wing squadron. The announcement of the units was made by Defence Minister DS Ismail Sabri during a visit to Sandakan […]

Defence Contract

More Kaboom Stuff, Part II

SHAH ALAM: More kaboom stuff, part II. It appears that the Army is getting more ammo and rounds for its troops. The last time round it was mortar bombs, goose rounds, explosive charges and others. Now it wants suppliers to supply it with 105mm rounds, 40mm grenades – low and […]

Defence Contract

First CN In Bandung For Conversion into MSA

SHAH ALAM: First CN in Bandung for conversion into the MSA. After being delayed due to the global pandemic, RMAF has sent its first CN-235-220M transporter to the PTDI facility in Bandung, Indonesia to undergo the conversion process into a maritime surveillance aircraft. The aircraft tail number, M44-05 was flown […]