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SHAH ALAM: It appears that more ammo – kaboom – stuff are on the way to their local users, army and navy – based on the request of bids for multi modal transport operators (MTO) to ship the stuff back here. This time the orders included 30mm cannon ammo – naval and ground stuff, multi purpose 12.7mm rounds and tank training rounds.

Being shipped from Sweden are an unknown quantity of 30mm and 12.7mm ammunition. Based on the description of the rounds, I am assuming that these are Nammo manufactured ammunition meant – 30mm for the Gempita and the 12.7mm for the various M2 machine guns of the army.

Gempita AFV30s firing on the move.

The multi-purpose and multi-purpose tracer rounds according to Nammo, provides excellent penetration, blast, fragmentation and incendiary effects against a multiple range of targets.
Army 12.7mm HMG mounted on Vamtac weapon vehicles of 10th Para Brigade. Both are likley manufactured by Manroy or FN Herstal.

Although the Nammo ammo are the same ones for the MSI guns onboard various RMN ships, it appears that the tender for these naval rounds was won by a company offering ammo made in the US. This is probably because the RMN tender specified an aluminium case 30mm ammo in its tender. The Nammo rounds use brass cartridges and are qualified by the US Navy and US Marines. Anyhow the high explosive incendiary and high explosive incendiary tracer rounds will be shipped from Portsmouth Port, Virginia.
The 30mm MSI gun on Gagah Samudera.

It is interesting to note that the 30mm cannon on KD Keris and its sister ships used steel cartridge ammunition as most Russian and Chinese weapons. I believed the Turkish made SMASH RWS 30mm cannon on the MMEA NGPC will be able to use the Nammo rounds as well though I am not sure where the agency are sourcing them.
KD Keris 30mm CS/AN3 RWS

The third MTO tender was for 125mm tank imitator or training rounds for the Pendekar. The shipment appears to be imported from a former Yugoslavia republic – Serbia, Bosnia or Montenegro – as the port of shipment listed in the tender is Ploce port, Serbia or Bar port, Montenegro. Again, I have no access to all of the tender documents hence the assumptions on them.
One of the two Pendekars firing on the move.

— Malaysian Defence

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