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Nexter LG1 Howitzers in The Wild

SHAH ALAM: Nexter LG1 howitzers in the wild. The Army 1st Royal Artillery Regiment (Para) has undertaken a firing exercise involving the newly delivered Nexter LG1 Mk 3 105mm howitzers at the Gemas range, from Feb 22 to 25. This was the first time a firing exercise involving the newly […]

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Airbus Committed to Support Malaysia

SHAH ALAM: Airbus reaffirms that Malaysia is an important market for its defence and space business. Speaking to reporters at a media briefing, Airbus Defence and Space’s Head of Asia-Pacific Johan Pelissier said that Airbus has developed extensive and strong industrial partnerships with Malaysia that brought multiple benefits to the […]

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Kronsthadt Group Orion E UAS

SHAH ALAM: Kronsthadt Group Orion E UAS. In 2019 Malaysian Defence posted a story on the eight UASs which was listed as had been forwarded to RMAF in response to a RFI in December 2018. One of the UAS was the Kronsthadt Group Orion E MALE UAV. The Orion E […]

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Scramblers For Op Benteng

SHAH ALAM: Scramblers for Op Benteng. The Army has taken delivery of 180 Kawasaki 250cc scramblers purchased under the Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) of Op Benteng. The scramblers were officially handed over to Army chief General Zamros Mohd Zain at the 92 Central Vehicle Depot at Batu Kantonmen in Kuala […]

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Another PGB Holder Promoted

SHAH ALAM: Another PGB Holder Promoted. In our previous post Malaysian Defence reported that Major General Mohd Halim Khalid has become the highest ranking PGB holder in military service. Mohd Halim who was awarded the PGB for his actions in Somalia – not the Bakara market incident – was promoted […]

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Pros and Cons of LCA/FLIT Candidates

SHAH ALAM: Pros and cons of the LCA/FLIT candidates. As reported previously, the RMAF is planning the procurement of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)/Fighter Lead-In Trainer (FLIT) within the next five years. RMAF had said that it had been given the go-ahead with the programme though it is still yet […]