Airbus Committed to Support Malaysia

SHAH ALAM: Airbus reaffirms that Malaysia is an important market for its defence and space business.
Speaking to reporters at a media briefing, Airbus Defence and Space’s Head of Asia-Pacific
Johan Pelissier said that Airbus has developed extensive and strong industrial partnerships
with Malaysia that brought multiple benefits to the country’s economy.

“As a strategic partner to Malaysia, playing a major role in local industrialisation, Airbus
remains steadfast in growing this already strong local industrial footprint, to support the local
aerospace sector through Industrial Collaboration Programme, especially in the defence and
space segments,” he added.

A400M M54-04 landing at Labuan airport on Nov. 17, 2017.

The aerospace manufacturer is looking forward to enhancing existing partnerships in defence
and military fixed wing, to help Malaysia establish self-sustaining MRO operations and develop
higher-level engineering capability to support complex MRO across different military aircraft

Through its ongoing partnership with the Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC),
Airbus is already researching solutions for sustainable aviation, with an emphasis on the
exploration of the potential of biomass as feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel. When the
need arises, Airbus stands ready to support Malaysia in the development of a sustainable
ecosystem that could involve hydrogen technology.

Airbus’ products have also been supporting Malaysian defence and space sectors.
Malaysia is the first export nation of the A400M airlifter, and the aircraft is today one of the
most visible symbols of Airbus’ successful relationship with Malaysia.
“We are proud of how the Royal Malaysian Air Force uses the A400M fleet extensively for
SAR and humanitarian missions in the country, and across the Southeast Asia region,
especially during the recent months in the fight against COVID-19 and disaster reliefs,” said

Malaysia is an existing customer with MEASAT-3b, the country’s largest satellite manufactured and launched by Airbus in 2014. In 2019, Airbus was selected to build MEASAT-
3d, a new multi-mission telecommunications satellite to replace capacity and augment MEASAT’s core business in Malaysia, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The plan is to launch this
new satellite in 2022.

In the area of Maritime Surveillance and Security, Airbus has enjoyed a 100 per cent market share
in Malaysia with its Styris solution for coastal surveillance with critical areas secured along
the Straits of Malacca and in East Malaysia, supporting the various local governmental
agencies for the past 15 years.

Airbus has also confirmed its participation in Malaysia’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft tender,
offering its C295 MPA, a proven aircraft programme and a global reference in maritime
surveillance that offers the lowest risks, yet the best acquisition, operating and life-cycle costs
in its category – which is most suited for Malaysia.

The C295 MPA is equipped with Airbus’ ingenious state-of-the-art mission system – Fully
Integrated Tactical System (FITS) and comprehensive sensor suites, which makes it the only
military MPA platform in-service today that is highly robust and tactically ready at any time.

It is confident that the C295 MPA is the perfect choice for Malaysia’s requirement, representing
the best combination of value and capability.

Currently, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Oman and Portugal have successfully operated the C295
MPA. This makes it the only MPA in its category that is in service today.

C295 MPA launching torpedo. Airbus

— Malaysian Defence

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