Egypt First International Customer of VL MICA NG

SHAH ALAM: Egypt has become the first international customer of the MBDA VL MICA New Generation (NG) air defence system. MBDA on Feb. 23, 2020 announced it has been awarded a contract from the Egyptian Navy to equip the VL MICA NG for its Gowind corvettes.

Launch of a VL MICA from a ship. MBDA

MBDA release:

MBDA has been awarded a contract from the Egyptian Navy for the VL MICA NG (New Generation) air defence system to equip its Egyptian corvettes.

Officially launched in October 2020, the VL MICA NG system is based on the integration of the MICA NG (New Generation) missile into the existing VL MICA point and close area air defence system.

The VL MICA NG system offers improved capabilities to handle atypical targets (UAVs, small aircraft), as well as future threats characterised by increasingly low observable infrared and radio frequency signatures. Additionally, VL MICA NG will be able to intercept ‘conventional’ targets (aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles) at longer distances.

Eric Béranger, MBDA CEO, said: “This agreement proves the confidence of our Egyptian customer in our VL MICA family, which 15 armed forces around the world already use for the protection of their naval and land forces.”

The Egyptian Navy already equips its four Gowind class corvettes, recently procured from the French Naval Group shipyards, with systems from the VL MICA family.

ENS Port Said. Alexandria Shipyard

As mentioned above the Egyptian Navy has four Gowind class corvettes as reported by Malaysian Defence previously. It is likely as our own LCS are completed – when ever that maybe – the RMN will also be procuring the MICA NG for its SAM system.

VL Mica shipboard container. MBDA

Malaysian Defence had previously reported that Boustead Naval Shipyard has procured the VL MICA launchers for the LCS programme although the missiles – which need to be purchased by the Defence Ministry – as with the NSM – had yet to be contracted. Lets hope a decision on the LCS will be made soon.

— Malaysian Defence

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