Transporters To Maritime Patrollers

SHAH ALAM: Transporters to maritime patrollers. After some delays it appears that the plan to upgrade a number of RMAF CN-235s to maritime patrollers is finally coming to fruition, thanks to the US. From Jane‘s.

I had reported previously on this issue at DSA 2018.

However Indonesian Aerospace the manufacturer of RMAF CN-235s was awarded a three year MRO contract by the government.

What’s interesting is that the MRO contract provided for the conversion of three out of the six CN-235 transporters in service into MPAs. The seventh CN-235 is configured for VIP transport. The eight aircraft was written off after it ditched near Kuala Selangor in February. 2016.

RMAF CN235 M44-07 taking part in flypast rehearsal on Feb 25, 2016. The plane ditched near Kuala Selangor on Feb 26. All eight crew survived.

Upgrading the CN-235s to MPAs will be the most visible Maritime Security Initiative projects between Malaysia and the US, after the gift of 12 ScanEagles, first announced two years ago. The other was the coastal radars for the eastern coast of Sabah. Most of the other things by the US under the MSI through out the years, are mostly command and control and communications equipment.
Indonesian Navy displayed its IPTN/Airbus CN235-220 MPA. The aircraft is fitted with Thales AMASCOS MPA suite and equipment.

Though as important as the drones and radars, the nature of these equipment made them almost invisible, even I would not noticed them if given the chance to see it being used by the Malaysian military. The problem is compounded as these equipment are not identified expressly apart from the generic “command and control and communications equipment.
Thales AMASCOS workstation on board the Indonesian Navy CN235 MPA displayed at LIMA 2015.

Anyhow the mission equipment to be installed on the CN-235 are likely to be sourced from the US as well though it must be said that these had been installed on Indonesian Air Force and Navy CN-235s as well.

— Malaysian Defence

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