SOV Cleared For Air Transport

SHAH ALAM: The Cendana Auto Special Operations Vehicle (SOV), it appears, have been cleared for tactical air landing operations from RMAF C130 Hercules transporter. The SOV is operated by the GGK replacing the previous Vamtac SOV for such operations. The new SOV was delivered to GGK last year. The initial […]

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First CN In Bandung For Conversion into MSA

SHAH ALAM: First CN in Bandung for conversion into the MSA. After being delayed due to the global pandemic, RMAF has sent its first CN-235-220M transporter to the PTDI facility in Bandung, Indonesia to undergo the conversion process into a maritime surveillance aircraft. The aircraft tail number, M44-05 was flown […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Transporters To Maritime Patrollers

SHAH ALAM: Transporters to maritime patrollers. After some delays it appears that the plan to upgrade a number of RMAF CN-235s to maritime patrollers is finally coming to fruition, thanks to the US. From Jane‘s. I had reported previously on this issue at DSA 2018. However Indonesian Aerospace the manufacturer […]

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MECU is still up in the air

SHAH ALAM: MECU is still up in the air. Last July, I wrote that the tender for MECU, the Multi Engine Conversion Unit, aircraft was published by the Defence Ministry. It appears until today, the tender has yet to be sorted out, meaning that a bidder has not been selected […]