Gempita CBRNE Unit Moving To Port Dickson

A 12 RAJD CBRNE Gempita during training at Gemas in 2019. BTDM picture.

SHAH ALAM: Gempita CBRNE Unit moving to Port Dickson. It appears that the 12 RAJD – the unit operating the Gempita AENCBRN vehicles – would be based at Sunggala Camp in Port Dickson in Negri Sembilan. I am saying would be as it has not been confirmed that the unit has already moved there or the relocation will be completed in the near future.

Sunggala Camp is the home of Second Royal Armour Regiment (2 Armor) one of the units in the Army which is operating of the Gempita AFV. 2 Armor on Feb. 11 posted an article on the 12 RAJD relocation on its FB page.

A 12 RAJD AENCBRNV Gempita during training at Gemas last year.

Lawatan Tapak Cadangan Penempatan Kem 12 Skn RAJD (CBRNe)
Kem Sungala, 11 Feb 21 : Rejimen Kedua Kor Armor Diraja (2 KAD) telah menerima lawatan daripada Brigedier Jeneral Ir Abdul Hamid bin Mohd Isa, Komander Jurutera Medan Barat. Ketibaan YBhg Panglima disambut oleh Pegawai Memerintah 2 KAD, Lt Kol Norfaisham bin Mohd Noor.
Lawatan ini adalah bertujuan untuk meninjau tapak cadangan penempatan Kem 12 Skn RAJD (CBRNe) di 2 KAD. Lawatan dimulakan dengan taklimat kawasan penempatan oleh Peg Logistik 12 Skn, Mej Nor Fizal bin Fadzil. Ybhg Panglima seterusnya dibawa ke padang kawad pasukan untuk demonstrasi memandu KP GEMPITA.
Lawatan diakhiri dengan menandatangani buku lawatan pasukan. Turut hadir semasa majlis ini adalah Panglima 3 Div, Mej Jen Dato’ Tengku Muhammad Fauzi bin Tengku Ibrahim.

Army chief Gen Zamrose Mohd Zain (right) inside a Gempita AENCBRNV of the 12 RAJD during a demonstration at Gemas on Nov. 23, 2020. BTDM

12 RAJD was stood up in 2019 or 2018 to operate the AENCBRNV Gempitas. Based on my records, the Army ordered 4 AENCBRNV Gempitas – one of the 12 variants – from the 257 vehicles contracted for in 2012. The Army will soon get all of the Gempitas it ordered with the last vehicles expected to be delivered this year.

An AENCBRNV Gempita being transported on a floating motorised bridge at Gemas during training in November, 2020. BTDM

The AENCBRNV variant became public in 2019. It is likely that the relocation of 12 RAJD to Sunggala is to better facilitate the support and maintenance of the CBRNE vehicles as 2 Armor already operates the Gempitas in several variants.

Gempita AENCBRN vehicle. FNSS

12 RAJD initial cadres were engineers and soldiers from the CBRNE school at the Terendak Camp and it is likely its relocation to Port Dickson will allow the unit to concentrate on operational issues. This will also allow the school to return to its core job of training soldiers in chemical, nuclear, biological and nuclear warfare.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. But is it wise to base all 4 units in the same area? I mean, for operational reasons shouldn’t they be split to 1 in Northern region, 1 at South, and 1 each at Sabah & Sarawak?

    Not really as one unit cannot cover anything

  2. Hmm, then they would need to be very highly mobile able to be deployed by air or sea within 24-48 hours notice.

  3. 4 vehicles only? Have at least 18 – 20 to cover both sides of the country.

    Of course but then the order for the Gempita should be more around 600 vehicles instead of 257

  4. Marhalim – “Not really as one unit cannot cover anything”

    Yes. Not only that but the ability of the unit to rapidly deploy would depend on its level of readiness; which in turns depends on how much notice it’s been given.

    What we have is intended to give us a token capability. Unlike some armies NBC warfare is not a major priority for us. Apart from those 4 vehicles and the NBC Wing the rest of the the army is totally unprepared and unequipped for NBC.

    You mentioned 12 RAJD being stood up to operate the 4 vehicles. Given that it’s only 4 AV-8s and some supporting soft skin vehicles; shouldn’t it be a “troop” which is part of the Royal Engineer’s NBC Wing?

    The actual designation is 12 Skdn RAJD, yes there will be at least another 4 soft skin vehicles including FFRs. Its a squadron though I have no idea how many personnel, it is led by a Major so that is one indication of its strength really though I am not sure it can be equated to a company level in RMR or RRD battalion.

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