Malaysia- MMEA


SHAH ALAM: MMEA OPV. As mentioned in the previous posts, the MMEA is getting three new build OPVs. The basic design of these vessels was outlined in the interview with the MMEA DG last April. As for the builder it will likely be the JV of two subsidiary companies of […]

Malaysian Army

Memory Metal Suspension System

SHAH ALAM: Engineers from BAE Systems have developed a suspension system for military vehicles which could bounce back into shape after explosive impacts. The new suspension system is under testing and could be made available in the future. As Malaysia is fielding new wheeled armoured fighting vehicles – the Gempita […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Flanker Technical Centre Delayed

SHAH ALAM: The Auditor General Report 2015 revealed that the technical centre  built at the Gong Kedak airbase for the Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker fighters was delayed as an “inexperienced and financially unsound contractor was chosen.” Even though the contractor had been replaced, it is likely that the facility has yet […]

Malaysia- MMEA

Engines, Its The Engines

SHAH ALAM: Engines, Its the Engines. Malaysia and Japan on Wednesday signed the agreement for the donation of two Japanese Coast Guard ships to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM). The agreement was signed during the PM working visit to Japan. The two ships donated are Okii and Erimo, both […]

Malaysia -RMN

KD Mutiara on a Short Leash

SHAH ALAM: KD Mutiara, the first locally built hydrographic ship commissioned into the Royal Malaysian Navy, may well be the first vessel to be paid off under the service’s 15 to 5 plan. The ship is currently berthed at the Lumut naval base waiting her final orders. Her fate is […]

Asean and Malaysia

Alternate Runway Operations

SHAH ALAM: Alternate Runway Operations. I know this a website on Malaysian Defence but sometimes we need to look outside the box. In this case, down south, where the RSAF had conducted Exercise Torrent 2016, the alternate runway operations. The alternate runway exercise was conducted on Sunday where four F-15SGs, […]

Malaysia -RMN

ESSCOM Needs More Assets

SHAH ALAM: ESSCOM needs more assets. The RMN needs three more sea bases to secure the ESSCOM area-of-operations. The service currently operates three sea bases as “garrisons at sea” to extend its”operational reach”. The sea bases served to cut response time to any incidents or intruders and also serve as […]

Defence Shows

Indonesia Sojourn

SHAH ALAM: AS hinted in my LMS piece, I was in Indonesia last week for a business trip. Specifically I was attending the Indo Defence Show and Forum 2016 which ran from Nov. 2 to 5. I went to the show to look for stories for my other jobs as […]

Malaysia -RMN

More on the LMS

SHAH ALAM: More on the LMS. IT appears that Boustead Naval Shipyard will not be just the builder of the RMN’s Littoral Mission Ship (LMS), it will be the main contractor for the program. This is based on the announcement made by Bosutead Holdings Bhd, the public listed holding company […]