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SHAH ALAM: More on the LMS. IT appears that Boustead Naval Shipyard will not be just the builder of the RMN’s Littoral Mission Ship (LMS), it will be the main contractor for the program. This is based on the announcement made by Bosutead Holdings Bhd, the public listed holding company of BNS.

This was the same arrangement in regard to the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program with BNS as the main contractor with DCNS as the sub-contractor. However, the LMS program differs from the LCS as the two lead ships will be built in China by the Wuchang Shipyard, in Wuhan while the other pair will be built by BNS after the two are delivered and probably commissioned.

A CGI of the LMS. TLDM picture
A CGI of the LMS. TLDM picture

Whether or not this will lead in the LMS getting more Malaysian government-furnished-equipment then originally envisaged by the China side has yet to be revealed. The same goes for the cost of the contract as it was not revealed in the Boustead Holdings announcement to the Bursa Saham.

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 4): Boustead Holdings Bhd has received a non-binding letter of intent (LoI) from the government for the supply of four vessels to the Royal Malaysian Navy.
In a bourse filing, Boustead said the vessels are called littoral mission ships.

The LoI, dated Oct 26, was received via its subsidiary, Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd, it said.

“The company will make further necessary announcements on the project in due course,” it said.

Shares in Boustead Holdings closed down 1 sen or 0.47% at RM2.14 today, giving it a market capitalisation of RM4.32 billion.

As I reported before the target cost for the LMS per ship was around RM200 million. It must be noted that the cost of the program could be a lot higher if we were to buy the IP rights to the ships altogether though at the moment there is no indication of that happening.

Anyhow, … has further things to say about the LMS and a graphic as well.

LMS and Laksamana compared.
LMS and Laksamana compared.

About the LMS68. It is now clear that it is based on a stretched Durjoy Class LPC (Large Patrol Craft). With additional 4m added to the stern, it would create an area large enough to put 2x TEU containers side by side. It would also leave enough space to have a single stern ramp for RHIB (while Singapore’s LMV has twin stern ramp due to its wider hull). The similarly shaped Azmat Class ships of Pakistan Navy has a single stern ramp for RHIB, and similar arrangements could be done. The superstructure could still be modified, the 2x 20mm bofors mount could be subsituted with 30mm RCWS either of chinese or western origin. in between the RCWS, a raised structure could be built to mount a single FL-3000N eight-round launcher. The engines could be 20-30% more powerful than the Durjoy, for a top speed of at least 30-32 Knots. A sustained speed of 28 Knots or better is a good speed to achieve, with the normal 12-15 knots economical cruise speed. Have the navy and Boustead people to visit both PNS Azmat and BNS Durjoy and witness their capabilities, and have the LMS68 incorperate good features from both ships.

For context read … earlier perspective on the LMS.

It must noted that industry sources that I spoke too indicated that Western made equipment such as sensors (non-commercial ones) and guns could be installed on the LMS as long it is done here in Malaysia. Even then these equipment must be used as a stand alone equipment and not integrated into the ship’s China designed and manufactured combat management system. Sensors that are available commercially and already installed on China made ships are exception to the rule of course.

The LCS major equipment detailed. RMN graphics.
The LCS major equipment detailed. RMN graphics.

By the way, the RMN has finally published a graphic (above) detailing the major equipment on the LCS. This is the first time that the service has confirmed that the ships will be armed with NSM anti-ship-missiles and VL MICA SAMs.


I guess the contracts for these missiles and the LMS will be signed at the LIMA 17 next year, probably boosting the business done at the show as high as RM3 billion (my estimate, could be lower). For more on the LCS check out Malaysian Defence previous posts on the program.

Some of the posts are missing due to the server failure last year. I will try to manually re-upload them whenever I got the time.

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