Unifil Contender Out on Show

SHAH ALAM: Unifil contender out on show. Local company, Mildef International Technologies (Mildef) has publicly unveiled its 4X4 High Mobility Armoured Vehicle (HMAV) today. The armoured 4X4 equipped with a RWS was shown at a media event at its facility in Sepang.

The vehicle according to Mildef

Mildef HMAV 4X4. Mildef

MILDEF has successfully manufactured a 4X4 High Mobility Armoured Vehicle (HMAV) that meets the current United Nations standard and specifications. The rear door design includes a hydraulic system making this fully armoured vehicle highly efficient. The ramp near the door allows the crew to enter and exit the vehicle without any risk of injury falling off.

The weapon platform for this vehicle uses RCWS (Remote Control Weapon Station), ensuring maximum protection for the gun operator. MILDEF acquired exclusive rights to use the Caterpillar Engine, one of the most robust and ruggedized engines in the market for ALANG. This vehicle has been qualified with NATO’s Stanag 4569.

The composite armor is an ideal choice for ballistic protection with Stanag 4569 Level 2 Ballistic & Artillery. This vehicle uses mine-blasts attenuating seats, underbelly protection Stanag 4569 level 2B and hull protection Stanag 4569 level 2A. The power to weight ratio of ALANG is 25hp/ton with maximum speed of 110kph.

The cabin of the HMAV 4X4. Vehicle can accomodate 10 soldiers.

Malaysian Defence was invited to the event but due to the MCO and prevailing Covid 19 rates in Selangor, decided that it was much better to report from home. Mildef was formerly known as Kembara Suci which started in 2005 as an MRO shop but later dabbled/ moved towards vehicle manufacturing. Its record here is muddled as the Lipan Bara 4X4 was sold to the Army by Deftech with Kembara Suci initially working with Thailand’s Chaiseri to bring the vehicle locally.

A Lipan Bara likely from the Armour School in Port Dickson at the Merdeka 2019 rehersal day.

From the picture of the Lipan Bara above, we can surmised that the HMAV is similar apart from the additional doors in the cabin like the Chaiseri’s First Win 4X4 which has five doors.

Chaiseri 4X4 lineup, the Av4, the reconnaissance First Win 4X4 and First 4X4.

It is likely that Mildef had proposed the HMAV for the Unifil 4X4 tender last year. I was told by sources that the Defence Ministry tender board is meeting this month and among the agenda is the Unifil 4X4 competition.
Whether or not this means that the contract will be awarded at the meeting is beyond me however. It interesting to note that the sources said so far no firm favourite has emerged from the list of the bidders. Anyhow Happy Chinese New Year for everyone celebrating.

— Malaysian Defence

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