Tender Out For Unifil APCs

SHAH ALAM: Tender out for Unifil APCs. As hinted in previous posts, the Request for Bids or the open competition for new APCs for Malaysian contingent in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has been published today. As expected not much details has been released via the Eperolehan website though those interested to contest for the competition must attend a briefing on 7 October at the Perolehan division office at Wisma Zetro in Wangsa Maju.

A Guardian with Malbatt peacekeepers at a riot control training. The Guardian manual turret did not appear to be fitted with a gun.


The 20 4X4 vehicles will be commissioned in Malaysia as the delivery address is at the Batu Kentomen facility in Kuala Lumpur.

IAG Guardian displayed at Weststar booth at DSA 2018 equipped with a RWS.

The specifications publicly available.

There is a requirement for the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) to have a dedicated AWV 4×4 for peacekeeping operations to serve in the United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). The vehicles shall be tough and robust capable to operate in temperate and Lebanon terrain environment with four (4) season weather. Materials used shall be new and free from defects, which would adversely affect the performance and the maintainability of individual components or of the overall assembly. Unless otherwise specified here in, all equipment, material and articles incorporated in the work covered by this specification are new, unused and of the latest model.

Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin 4X4 armoured displayed at the Deftech booth at DSA 2018. The vehicle is now being offered by NADI Corp Holdings Sdn Bhd.

I have been told that seven vehicles have been tested locally for the above requirement though the technical specifications stated that suitable vehicles that had been trialled locally or at the country of manufacture could be offered for the competition.

An Army Lipanbara 4X4 vehicle.

I have also been told that the vehicles would be equipped with a RWS unlike the Guardians APC already procured for Malbatt 850 contingent already. The Auditor General was unhappy with the lack of RWS as detailed in its most recent report although the decision to not equip them was made after Malbatt experience in Lebanon itself. The Defence Ministry did not offer a robust defence of the decision however.

— Malaysian Defence

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