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The More, The Merrier, Panthera 4X4

SHAH ALAM: The more the merrier part. In an earlier post with a similar title, Malaysian Defence reported that the Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin will only be delivered there only in three or four years time. This was based on reports quoting the-then Joint Force Command commander Lieutenant General Yazid […]

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The More The Merrier

SHAH ALAM: The more the merrier. In a previous post on the Malaysian peacekeeping contingent in Lebanon, Malaysian Defence wrote that the Turkish Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin could be delivered there next year. The post: What about the newly contracted Nurol Makina Ejder Yalcin then? I was told that the […]

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Cendana Auto FFR in Lebanon

SHAH ALAM: Cendana Auto FFR in Lebanon. Back in January 2021, Malaysian Defence reported that Cendana Auto will be supplying 20 Fitted For Radio (FFR) 4X4 vehicles for the Joint Forces Command (JFC). The Cendana Auto vehicles are meant to replace the Land Rover FFR in service with the Malaysian […]

Defence Contract

MTO Tenders From Goose Rounds to Boat Trailers

SHAH ALAM: MTO tenders from Goose rounds to Boat Trailers. In the last week before Hari Raya, the Eperolehan website issued separate tenders for Goose and RPG rounds, 155mm round electronic time fuses, shipping for Unifil trucks and boat trailers. The 84mm recoilless rifle rounds (HE) will be shipped from […]

Defence Contract

Tender Out For Unifil APCs

SHAH ALAM: Tender out for Unifil APCs. As hinted in previous posts, the Request for Bids or the open competition for new APCs for Malaysian contingent in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has been published today. As expected not much details has been released via the Eperolehan website though those interested to contest […]