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Defence Ministry Wants Bigger Allocation

SHAH ALAM: Defence Ministry wants bigger allocation. Defence Minister DS Ismail Sabri wants a bigger allocation for the ministry in the 2021 budget set to be announced next Friday. He said a bigger allocation was needed to ensure the readiness of the military and the construction of new or the […]

Malaysia -RMN

Third LMS Launched

SHAH ALAM: The third Littoral Mission Ship (LMS) for the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) has been launched. The ship -pennant number 113 – was launched at the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group (WISG) shipyard in Wuhan, China on 28 October, the RMN said in a release. It said the ship would […]

Malaysia - RMAF

See My Way

SHAH ALAM: See my way. Within the last one week or so, the US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has announced a slew of orders from missiles to radars to Taiwan. The latest announcement include the sale of up to one hundred (100) Harpoon Coastal Defense Systems (HCDS) and related […]

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Tis The RWS You See

SHAH ALAM: Tis the RWS you see. The Auditor General in its latest audit report faulted the Defence Ministry for not fitting remote weapon stations (RWS) on the eight IAG Guardians put into service with the Malbatt unit deployed in Lebanon under UNIFIL. It was for this reason, it deemed […]

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Navy Wants The Govt To Solve LCS Issue

SHAH ALAM: The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) wants the government to solve the issues surrounding the Littoral Combat Ship. According to Bernama, the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) hopes the government will be able to solve contractual issues regarding the procurement of six littoral combat ships (LCSs) because of the importance […]

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MBDA launches the new VL MICA NG

SHAH ALAM: MBDA announces the commercial launch of its new VL MICA NG air defence system, on the occasion of the Euronaval-Online exhibition on 19 October.The VL MICA NG system is based on the integration into the existing VL MICA system of the MICA NG (New Generation) anti-air missile, which […]

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Turkish Delights Part 4

SHAH ALAM: Turkish delights. As the Army waits for the government to pony up the funds for the life extension programme for its Adnan and MIFV fleet, the Turkish government has announced that it was doing the same thing for its Turkish built M113 variants. According to state owned Anadolu […]

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You Better…

SHAH ALAM: Your better. Based on what I have been told on the Armoured Wheeled Vehicle (AWV) 4X4 tender for the Malaysian Unifil unit, I am of the opinion that it is most likely that the IAG Guardian and the Lipan Bara will be offered for the competition. I will […]

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Luxembourg Takes Delivery of A400M

SHAH ALAM: Luxembourg takes delivery of its Airbus A400M airlifter on October 7. The aircraft will be jointly operated by Luxembourg and Belgium as part of a binational unit, says Airbus. The release below. The Luxembourg Armed Forces have taken delivery of its Airbus A400M military transport aircraft, which was […]

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Turkish Delights Part 3

SHAH ALAM: Turkish delights Part 3. It appears that a number of companies had taken part in the briefing for the tender of APC for the Malaysian UNIFIL contingent held today. As in the MPA and UAS tenders, only companies which attended the briefing will be allowed to enter the […]

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Briefings For MPA and UAS Tenders

SHAH ALAM: Briefings for MPA and UAS tenders. The Defence Ministry’s Procurement Division together with Defence Industry Division and RMAF hold separate briefings for the procurement of the MPA and UAS last week. Though the tenders for both were published on 25 August, the one for MPA (two aircraft) will […]