Gading Marine Wins Op Benteng FIC Tender

SHAH ALAM: Gading Marine Engineering Sdn Bhd has been awarded the contract to supply the RMN six FIC for Op Benteng operations, tendered out last July. The ePerolehan website published the award of the contract to Gading Marine, which is part of the Gading group of companies, likely on 16 October. It did not state the contract price nor the type of vessel selected.

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The RFB for the FICs for Ops Benteng was published on 20 July and closes on 30 July. As usual I am not purview to the detailed technical specifications but the bidders must also supplied the RMN with support and spares for one year. Based on the technical specifications review list, we are informed that the FICs general arrangement should be approved by the International Association of Classification Societies and the design complied with the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft, 2000.

It would be powered by diesel engines to power water jets and equipped with generators and fitted with with a forward looking infra red turret, a navigation radar and other equipment for sea going boats ie AIS, DGPS etc. The list however did not mentioned any need for a remote weapon station though it could be listed under the full technical specifications, the one thats only available to the bidders.

One technical specification that must be complied with – if bidders put forward a boat which did not comply with the technical list it would be rejected at the start of the tender review – is that the boats offered must have a beaching capability.

Gading Marine 17 foot FIC.

I have no idea what type of FIC was offered by Gading Marine for the tender though it has previously been contracted to supply the Marine police with RHIBs and FACs but AFAIK none were fitted with a ramp for beaching operations which so far have been the purview of the CB-90s and the Watercat M-14s.

Marine Police FAC PC 31 built by Gading Marine. It appears that the design could be fitted with a beaching ramp. NST picture via Polis Marin FB

The FAC – two of which are in service with the Marine Police may well be the design selected as it appears that it could be fitted with a ramp for beaching operations.

Gading Marine FAC PC 31.

Another company which won an Op Benteng tender is MSET Inflatable Composit Corporation. It won the tender for the supply and commissioning of 12 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat – Special Operation Craft for the Army also for Op Benteng.

Three different types of MMEA RHIBs. It is likely the SOC RHIB for the Army built by MSET will be very similar to this boats.APMM

The EPerolehan website stated that MSET letter of award was for RM9.5 million which was the same amount offered by the company for the tender, issued a month before the RMN one.

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