More Details on CMS Upgrade for Lekiu Class

KD Jebat at LIMA 2019. Zaq Sayuti.

LANGKAWI: More details on CMS upgrade for Lekiu. Although there was no contract signing for the Vibrant 1 CMS for the Lekiu class frigates, it appears that the project is already ongoing. T7 Global Bhd, the company promoting the CMS had formed a JV with a local company Marine Crest Technology Bhd and Indian firm, C2C-DB Systems Pvt Ltd to to engage in marine services and naval technology business in Malaysia.

KD Lekiu at LIMA 2019. Zaq Sayuti

T7 Global Bursa Announcement.

“The Parties agree to form a JV Co. for marine services and naval technology business in Malaysia, inclusive of supply, re-fit, refurbishment and upgrade contracts for ship and vessels,” said T7 in a stock exchange filing.

T7 Marine Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of T7 Global, will hold a majority 40% stake in the JV company while the other two parties will hold 30% each.

C2C-DBS is an India-based company principally specialising in developing naval technology systems, designing and manufacturing electronic components and software to industries and customers with in the international market for the government and private sector.

Local-based MCT provides expertise in specialised maritime security consultancy services, technical and engineering services, trading services, procurement management, repair and maintenance of support equipment and services to the marine and naval industry.

Quoted from the Star

Former RMN chief Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Badaruddin is T7 Global Bhd group advisor. He was present at LIMA 19 to brief the media and visitors over the CMS.

KD Jebat at LIMA 2019. Zaq Sayuti.

Work Already On Going
The JV has already secured the contract in July, last year to install the CMS on KD Jebat as part of its refit period by Boustead Naval Shipyard. It will also supplied the workstations to utilise the CMS in the ship. The CMS will collate and present all the data obtained by the ship’s sensors and datalink inside the ship’s Combat Information Centre (CIC).

Vibrant 1 CMS workstation.

For the moment, JV has the contract to supply Vibrant 1 on KD Jebat only though it is likely if the commissioning of the CMS and funds are available, a tender for KD Lekiu will also be called. T7 and its JV partners are also hoping that the CMS will also be selected for upgrades of other RMN ships as well.

Bae Systems had offered the Nautis 4 CMS to replace the current Nautis but it was deemed as too costly.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Still no detail on whether the Excocet and Seawolf will work after the upgrade?

    Let’s wait for the next major exercise late this year or early next year to see whether they will conduct any firings and then we can make up our mind on the issue

  2. Dulu Heitech and the Thales CMS apa jadi?

    No idea about that AFAIK it’s more like maintenance contract

  3. Simple rule of thumb, nak masuk tender kerajaan, letak ex panglima kat company, automatic dpt projects, kononnya nak develop local company tapi takde TOT, sampai sudah lah Malaysia xkan maju, x nak bagi peluang kat local company.

    Nak buat CMS ni bukan susah pun as long as dapat ICD (Interface Control Document) yg mengandungi ‘required’ protocol drpd sensor2 yg dipsg dlm kapal makanya integration antara shooter platform (kapal) sensor boleh dibuat.

    Ianya software integration sahaja

  4. @ en keciwa

    Yes, anybody with programming skills can do a CMS.

    The difference between a good and average CMS is how all the information can be compiled and displayed as a single situational picture to the console operators. How easy it is to access the information, and use them to enable the weapons.

    For example, can the CMS automatically link the radar target that you want, with information from AIS, and automatically cue the EO turret to the target for the console operator to see the target real time? Can also the CMS do a historic tracking of the target, showing not only the current location by radar/AIS but its historic track (where it has been previously) on the screen?

  5. Waaa. Sounds so trivial. ‪Am not an expert but I thought CMS main function was to integrate sensors with weapons. Do we really think anyone locally can do this, given how BAe had challenges in the beginning?‬

  6. Also, user friendliness is key. In the Falklands, Exocet might have been intercepted in some situations if the interfaces had been more user friendly.

    We can also assume that the CIC will be updated and will look different from one designed 30 years ago. There might even be space constraints to work around.

  7. Buat CMS bukan senang bro Kecewa… Nuff said…
    But I do agree on the comment on ex-Panglima! Hahaha!

  8. i do hope we can see a good outcome from this….but i still glad an ex RMN chief/army officer there as advisor…rather than some politician…

  9. @ encik

    ” Do we really think anyone locally can do this, given how BAe had challenges in the beginning?‬ ”

    “challenges” is the now a normal way of fleecing the customer. Gone were the days of a contract that is on budget and on time.

  10. AMN,

    In most cases ship crews had little early warning when attacked by Exocet. Sheffield’s ESM did detect the Etendard’s radar and the Exocet’s seeker going active but there was little time. Another problem is that Sheffield did not receive an update from other ships as her comms were temporarily not receiving because she was sending/receiving a SATCOM message. There was also the RN ship hit by a land launch Exocet. The Argentines took it off a ship and rigged it to a trailer. Power was provided by a generator originally delivered in the 1940’s to power AA searchlights.

    Contrast what happened with Sheffield and the RN ship that successfully engaged a Silkworm with Seadart during the Gulf War; it received early warning and had good SA.

  11. @En.Kecewa
    “takde TOT, sampai sudah lah Malaysia xkan maju, x nak bagi peluang kat local company”

    Local company keluarkan produk lebih mahal dan kurang fungsi

    Camne? Terus beli juga?

    Dahlah budget bukannya banyak

  12. I dont think a chinese made CMS will have issues working with chinese made sensors and weapons. I think they would find it challenging to work with western made sensors and weapons. And probably vice versa. I do not think we have more resources than china. System integration is not trivial.

    Even if by chance they made it work once I would question the support and maintenance for such a product.

  13. @ encik

    I put out the chinese CMS link just to show what a CMS is all about. Anyway from the document:

    ” The integration and management of different combat resources of ship-borne combat system were achieved, including various domestic / abroad origin sensors and weapons, was achieved through this System ”

    China has integrated western sensors and weapons before, some of the earliest was with Thailand, and the latest the algerian corvettes. Chinese CMS was developed from French CMS they imported in the 80s.

    Anyway a good CMS systems should be able to integrate any systems from west, east and anywhere in between, and able to compile and display all information from various sensors into a single easily understandable picture, and seamlessly manage all the weapon systems in the ship.

  14. any news on the performance of this Vibrant CMS?
    Will the Lekiu be upgraded using this CMS?
    Would it be ‘easier” and cheaper to upgrade the seawolf to VL Mice or Sea Ceptor with this “lokal” CMS compared to the Nautis?

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